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3 min readAug 13, 2021


Let’s get the elephant out of the room first, we have decided to postpone the launch of Koala Defi Polygon from week 2 to week 3. Even though we’re really excited about the Polygon integration and launch , we want to give Koala Defi Polygon the best launch.

A lot has happened the past week and we want to do some extensive testing to guarantee everything will be safe and secure and Koala Defi will have a fantastic Polygon chain launch.

A couple of days ago PolyNetwork was hacked and there has been some confusion about the Polygon blockchain and PolyNetwork. PolyNetwork is a bridging dapp to transfer tokens between different chains running on the BSC, Polygon and Ethereum chains and is not related to the Polygon chain.
The hack had to do with the PolyNetwork dapp contracts and has nothing to do with any of the before mentioned blockchains. We think it’s good to let the FUD settle down a bit and focus on a secure and smooth launch of Koala Defi Polygon. It will give the development team the chance to tweak a few things to be able to use our own Koala Defi bridge as soon as possible.

Exactly these kind of vulnerabilities are the reason Koala Defi choose to start building our own bridging functionality in the Koala Defi platform and not rely on third party dapps.

To be able to launch on the Polygon chain before the Koala Defi Bridge is finished, we have made the decision to use a third-party bridging service for 48 hours to give everybody a chance to bridge Nalis tokens to the Polygon chain to earn high APRs at the launch of Koala Defi Polygon while not locking too much value in a third-party dapp.

You can read more about the Polygon integration and Nalis swap to the Polygon chain in our “About Koala Defi on Polygon” blog

The choice to build the Koala Defi Bridge did cause a small delay in the development of Koala Defi Polygon. Thanks to the hard work of the development team Koala Defi Polygon will launch in week 3.

At the start of week 3 we will announce the exact launch date and the 48 hour bridging period before the launch date to swap BSC Nalis tokens to Polygon Nalis tokens accompanied by a step by step guide to bridge your Nalis to the Polygon chain.

Launching on the Polygon chain will bring farms and pools with very high APRs at the start and very low transaction costs, so make sure you’ve got some Nalis tokens to swap (bridge) to the Polygon chain!

Keep an eye out for announcements and new blogs about the Koala Defi Polygon cross chain integration and follow Koala Defi.

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