AMA MozartFinance Transcription

On the 1st of July, We hold an AMA in our telegram main group with Mozart Kugeln from Mozart finance answering questions about their platform and coming things around our recent partnership.

Here is the transcription done by our amazing KoaKoa (aka KoaMama, one of our Koagirls 😉) for all of who missed this great time and want to learn more about Mozart finance.

Silfaster :
Welcome everybody,

Today we are hosting an AMA with our latest partner .
After the launch of you will be able to earn $Viola on .

’s founder, Mozart Kugel, will tell us all about the platform.

The first half of the AMA will consist of me asking Mozart Kugel some questions about their platform.

We will reopen the chat for the second half of the AMA so everybody can ask questions. The best question of the day will win a $Lyptus NFT!

Welcome how are you?

Mozart Kugeln :
Hello Sil ! Great rainy afternoon
Thanks for having me

Silfaster :
Glad to have you onboard as our latest partner, you know I love the project, we’re really looking forward to a fantastic partnership!

So my first question is for everybody that doesn’t know yet.

Can you tell us what is?

Mozart Kugeln :
Yeah. Maybe people are unaware but Sil was our mod for some time :D

That’s the official website.
Joking, I know what you mean.

Well, for now it’s yield farm on BSC network with main goal to create NFT marketplace with real musical NFTs — songs that musicians will make from all around the world.

Silfaster :
Wow that sounds great! I’d like to talk about the NFT’s more in a bit, because that sounds like music to my ears!

Can you tell us something about the team behind ?

Mozart Kugeln :
Yes, of course. I cannot paste links but our devs are doxxed,
So, the most important thing what people wants to know, they have this information.
All in all, team is from all around Europe.

Silfaster :
I will forward the link later if someone would like to see it.

I know the Mozart team has worked very hard lately to introduce your new token $Viola next to the already existing token $Melody.

Can you tell us about $Viola and the role of $Viola in platform??

Mozart Kugeln :
Sure. The main thing that sucked at the start of $Melody farms was too high emission rate at wrong market situation. After bitcoin dropped, everyone started to invest less into farms so we had problems to attract that many people and demand. So, with that, we created $Viola and $Melody pool with high fee to BURN that $Melody tokens. Since we did that, we burned almost 2 million tokens out of 10 in circulation. So we think it was a good idea.

With developing project further, $Viola will become governance token and will have her part in NFT’s and games too which I cannot uncover right now but you have a medium article that covers that more detailed.

Silfaster :
Nice, I’m looking forward to the medium article! ❤️

For the readers that don’t know what a governance token is, can you give us a brief description?

Mozart Kugeln :
Governance tokens are tokens that developers create to allow token holders to help shape the future of a protocol. Governance token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself. If you hodl $Viola, it would give you voting power in short.

Silfaster :
Great! So power to the people! also believes it’s very important to listen to your investors!

I see some coming soon announcements on your website about games and musical NFT’s.
That sounds awesome.
You already told us musical NFT’s are on the roadmap.

Can you tell us more about the NFTs and games that are coming to ?

Mozart Kugeln :
Sure! Plan is to attract musicians that will make NFTs with their songs. So, if you own any music, you will be able to make your own NFT on our platform. Also, we’re planning to release some Mozart and other classic musicians songs that doesn’t have copyrights due to public domain.

There’ll be multiple different collections, I can say that is planned to make like a parts of the songs and if you want to own the whole song you’ll have to collect all the parts which you will be able to get from random music boxes.
Something like NBA packs but here the idea is to reward you if you collect the whole song or whole collection. More details are coming…

Silfaster :
Wow! Where can we read more details when they are available?

You have a medium blog?

Mozart Kugeln :
Yes, we have medium blog :) Takes a while to do all that but we think it will be huge.

Silfaster :
Besides the games and musical NFTs, does have any other big things on the roadmap? Cex listing? Lottery? Tell us all about it.

Mozart Kugeln :
We have plans to get on CEX and we applied for one. We will release more info about it today. Lottery/games yes, definitely some gambling features.

Plan is also to make auto compound pools, our own dex/amm and vaults but it’s not a priority.

Silfaster :
Sounds like a real solid project!
Love to have you as our latest partner, I’m sure our users will love to earn some $Viola ❤️❤️❤️

So I think we’ve already learned a lot about , how about we see if our community members have questions.

Are you ready for some questions from our community ?

Mozart Kugeln :
Yes, of course.

Question from Saurabh :
If $Viola is going to be the governance token, used for NFT and games, what is the point of having $Melody then? What’s the usecase of it?

Mozart Kugeln : $Melody is still our main token and will be the one on the stage. We will use most of our features through $Melody but together they are symphony so there is enough space for both of them.

Question from Don Corleone :
What kind of partnership will Mozart/Koala have?

Mozart Kugeln : Besides cross-marketing and cross-AMA, we will have cross-pools on both sites!
Silfaster : earn $Viola and earn $Nalis.

Question from J. Marin :
It would be great to mint an NFT from a Mozart tune, do you have something like that in mind or can’t you be copyrighted for that matter?

Mozart Kugeln : Yes, like I said, Mozart music is already prepared for NFT release. There’s no copyrights because songs are into public domain. So yeah, we are planning to release at least the most popular ones

Question from J. Marin :
Is Mozart Finance Still Safe? What happened to $PIANO, it is no longer possible to buy, it is no longer possible to add liquidity in that currency?

Mozart Kugeln : Definitely safe, our new developers are doxxed and we have 2 .

Question from Shubhasish Sahoo :
What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project in the near future?

The big problem in DeFi is rug pullers and scam. Many people is loosing your money with this projects. How about it, what is the security to trust in DeFI in your project? Do you have liquidity locked?

Mozart Kugeln : Our liquidity is locked longer than anyone’s, you can check our gitbook. We have right now over 4000 hodlers, our devs are public, doxxed, you can check them. We have 2 audits and contracts are safe. With musical NFT’s we are confident project will stay.

Question from Don Corleone :
How is Mozart finance planning to attract new investors?

Mozart Kugeln : You can check coinmarketcap, we are #1 trending token. We have spent a lot of money in marketing and this partnership with Koala is just 1 of the many more in the future. We are just spreading the word so more and more people find about us.

Question from Don Corleone :
Will everyone be able to mint music NFTs in mozart finance?

Mozart Kugeln : Ok, this is the last. Only if you own $Melody. 🎧🎻❤️

Silfaster : Thanks for your time everybody! And a very big thank you to for taking the time to talk with us about their project!

Tomorrow at 3UTC there will a Koala Defi AMA in the Mozartfinance telegram group, we will post a link and proper announcement very soon!

Later tonight we will select the best question and announce the winner of the $Lyptus NFT!



High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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