AMA with AstronautToken : Recap transcription

On the 17th June, hold an AMA in their telegram main group with our Koala Chief Jeff answering questions about NALIS token, the koaladefi team, our roadmap and marketing plans!

Here is the transcription done by our amazing KoaKoa (aka KoaMama, one of our Koagirls 😉) for all of who missed this great time and want to learn more about

Let’s go!

Q1: My first question for you, what is the NALIS token all about? Give us a little summary.

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
NALIS is a new token at koaladefi.
NALIS is a yieldfarming token which brings a bunch of new features to our platform and is also a token with the latest DeFi features integrated: some of them are :

  • high automatic burn mechanism,
  • anti-whale systems,
  • antibots systems.

After this AMA, I suggest to the Astronauts to have a look to this article which cover all details about NALIS.

Adam — AstronautToken :
Excellent I encourage our Astronaut members to check you guys out!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
I’m Jeff, KoalaDeFi’s Chief.
I’ve been in crypto since the middle of 2018. I first came to crypto with the dream of making “quick money” and stay for the technology more than for the money.

I realized how cryptos are/will be disruptive in the financial system and the amazing technology of the blockchain.

I discovered DeFi in the beginning of 2020 and started to invest time and money in DeFi on ETH chain first and again realized how this will change the financial world!

By the end of 2020, I found the new Binance Smart Chain and it fully blew my mind! Same power as ETH chain with amazing speed and ridiculous transaction fees.

The first day I played with BSC, I immediately wanted to build a DeFi project on this chain and start building a team with some koalas to create KoalaDefi.

My personal background in my professional day job is close to what we build with KoalaDefi : I’m a software engineer and project manager for a middle size company which develops software for the IT industry.

Since I discovered the block chain technology and especially the Ethereum chain, I started to invest time to discover the Solidity language and I get a pretty good experience with it. I’m now involve also into KoalaDefi smartcontract coding and I spend a lot of time to review code and study good things done by other projects.
This help to build better ideas and features to improve koaladefi and keep a high security level.
Koala team started with a small team and we are now more than 12 koalas in the team.

We have 2 frontend devs, 1 solidity dev, 2 marketing guys, 1 designer and our lovely moderators in which we also count now a KoaLady 😉

Sorry… 2 KoaLadies…

Adam — AstronautToken :
Amazing to hear this good size team and awesome story Jeff!

Q3: What are some of your platform use cases?

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Main use case of your platform is yieldfarming. We have also added great things like profit sharing with our users within the Bushes and funny games with the Koasino.
Let’s come to bet some LYPTUS Astrofriends 😉
Bushes are a place to stake our LYTPUS token (and soon also NALIS and VIKNALIS tokens) to earn a part of our profit coming from the deposit fees and farm and pools.
The Koasino is a place to enjoy gaming/gambling 😉
We all love that 😉
We also have a focus on charity around the wild koalas.
The team and community already adopted (saved) 4 Koalas by making donations to charity foundations.

Adam — AstronautToken :
That is amazing, a team with heart for sure!
Also that Koasino sounds fun 😉

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
It is!

Adam — AstronautToken :
Alright time for question 4 you ready!

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
No man.
I’ve got an emergency!
I’m so happy with all coming things that I’ve got something special to do for our LYPTUS lovers…
Just give me 30 sec…

Adam — AstronautToken :
I sense something special

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Just want to eat (burn) a big bunch of LYPTUS before the Q4 😂

Adam — AstronautToken :
Whoa!!! 🔥

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
This is for our community!!! 10,000 LYTPUS just burnt

Adam — AstronautToken :
Live during an AMA this is a first we love it

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Sorry guys! Was too excited !

Adam — AstronautToken :
Nice! We are too

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Haha! Love you guys!

Adam — AstronautToken :
I think it’s time for question 4!

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Yes! Let’s back get back to work 😉

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones and some of the roadmap?

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
What we are already proud of :

  • Our amazing community :
    more than 6,000 followers on Twitter and 3,000 members into our English chat.
    We also have a great Spanish community!
  • Two successful security audits.
    And the Certik one is not easy to get.
    We are in top 15 of most secure BSC project on Certik website.
  • 4 adopted koalas :
    You can read more about that here
  • First project to have been graduated from Apeswap BUIDL program!
  • Innovation like the bushes and double bushes
    (stake LYTPUS and earn 2 different tokens)
  • 6 strong partnerships :
    We don’t make new partnership everyday because we strongly select our partners.

So, What’s on roadmap ?

You can check the detailed roadmap after the AMA here.

  • Our version 2 launch with our new tokens and new UI!
  • Extending our services to other chains : The first one will be Polygon
  • Launch of our NFT collection of Non Fungible Koalas (NFK)
    Can’t wait for that because it will be crazy!
  • Adding more games to the Koasino 😍
  • Having more great partners! (we already have some amazing btw 😉 )

Adam — AstronautToken :
You know there is alot to be proud of when you have to scroll up in chat to see it all!
Great job guys the future looks bright 👨‍🚀🐨🚀

Q5: Give us a small rundown on your marketing plan.

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Thx man!
For sure!

We continue with our marketing of today, but with more budget and more possibilities.

Like we will do marketing by adding more banners on highly followed platforms, but also sponsored posts on social media like Twitter.

We will expend on doing marketing on more social media platforms, like adds on Instagram and facebook. Plus youtube videos.
For this we are doing research where we can find DeFi lovers to give them the latest information about our project.

Also marketing with Partnerships, like AMA, farms and games (bingo) with our partners.
Partners are very important in the DeFi world.

Besides that we will continue hosting social media contest and giveaways with our multiple tokens. We will be more interactive with our community.
We are now collecting reviews and questions of our community where we want to give something back to them by taking action and accomplish these reviews in reality.
Not only questions but collecting ideas from them.
In this form our community is very creative and helpful.

We are working a lot to make a daily plan and work on it. These are just examples. 😉

Adam — AstronautToken :
A strong community is key so happy to hear this is a focus when considering marketing 🐨
Alright bonus round!

Q6 (Extra): Tell us something interesting we don’t know about you or your platform

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Did I already say that we have 2 girls in the team?
I really think that it’s pretty rare! 😉

We just publish something nice for both community.
A fresh blog post just for the AMA to thank you all guys (and ladies 😉 )
Meet the Team

Our community ask from time to time to learn more about us!
This blogpost will give you details about each of us 😉

Adam — AstronautToken :
So cool, the diversity is a welcome sight in crypto!
I encourage our Astronauts to check you guys out 🚀

Thank you for your time during this section of the AMA we will be opening the voice chat shortly for anyone in the community to join and ask any final questions.

Talk soon 👨‍🚀🐨

Jeff — KoalaDefi :
Thank you so much Adam!
Was a really pleasure!





High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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Koala DeFi #BSC

Koala DeFi #BSC

High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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