BabyBanana IKO AMA transcript

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14 min readOct 20, 2021

On the 19th of October, we held an AMA in our telegram main group with R from BabyBanana answering questions about their platform and everything coming to our IKO and partnership.

Here is the transcript for all of who missed this great time and want to learn more about BabyBanana

Silfaster Koala Defi:
Welcome @Taichou85! How are you today?
Did you sleep at all after the news we got yesterday?

R — BabyBanana:
I am doing great Sil, how about you?

Well, it was a very short night that’s for sure, but all the good news made me so excited that I am not tired at all😌💪🏻

Silfaster Koala Defi:
I’m doing fantastic!

For everybody that doesn’t know yet.

Koala Defi will launch BabyBanana together with ApeSwap.
We have been waiting for a while for the final audit to be ready. We were prepared to do the IKO at the end of the month, instead ApeSwap gave us the fantastic opportunity to launch with full Ape support, direct listing and an gnana pool!

So we HAD too!

So after a short night and a long day of work, we’re here to tell you all about the presale!

Can you introduce us briefly to your project BabyBanana @Taichou85 ?

R — BabyBanana:
Seizing the moment like a champion🏅 nature loves courage😁

Silfaster Koala Defi:
This is Defi, the D in Defi is definetely not for Dull!

R — BabyBanana:
Project BabyBanana is a next generation reflect token on Binamce Smart Chain, designed to be a valuable asset to the Apeswap/Koaladefi jungle ecosystem, designed to be a easy stepping stone for beginning crypto investors to learn how to generate passive income while being in a phenomenally designed and fun emvironment and carried by the best and most beautiful community in crypto!

We made sure that are tokenomics are effective, easy to understand and profitable. By buying and holding BabyBanana tokens a hokder can earn basically any BSC token, play some cool games, collect NFTs that have huge utility and can also earn a passive income trough staking.. and we have something VERY special coming… 😌💪🏻

Silfaster Koala Defi:
you guys have even more coming?🤯 you all must be apes, this is not human!

That sounds great R!

R — BabyBanana:
I often behave like a baboon this is true..
Are baboons monkeys or apes?🤔

Silfaster Koala Defi:
🤣🤣🤣 In the meantime I looked it up, a baboon is a monkey apparantly 🐵

To me it’s all the same, I’m an aping raccoon 🤷🏻‍♂️

I know the backstory is very nice! Can you tell our community how you came up with babybanana and how the project came into existence?

R — BabyBanana:
To make a long story short :

I was mentally destroyed by a flashloan attack on my funds I spent 4 months on building.. then I took what was left and converted it into Gnana, entered the skill pool on Apeswap and got back on my feet in no time, found a telegram chat called the 100k Gnana challenge, a initiative by the great Mobi K and fell in love with this community.

BabyCake happened and I thought : where is BabyBanana? We as a community can make that into something legit and a good long term hold

My buddy Punished_Trump had the same idea, together we started brainstorming

We found a EXCELLENT team, started building, the community loved it and cooperated and all together we made what we have today : The hottest new project on BSC😎

For Apes, by Apes🤝🏻

Silfaster Koala Defi:
Wait…. does the R stand for Rocky?

Reading the first part of your story I could mentally picture you running up a stairs with a big bag of Gnana on your back


R — BabyBanana:
A true community project❤️

At the moment it stands for Ritalin, but my actual name is Robert😌
That bag was light after the fladhloan, but Apeswap’s excellent APR made that bag very heavy, the bag contains a bunch of Lyptus and Nalis too nowadays, especially on Polygon Nalis has been very profitable😌

Silfaster Koala Defi:
You just posted some amazing videos. If I’m not mistaken, those videos contain glimpses of the actual NFTs you are going to release.

NFTs and games are all the hype this moment.

Can you tell us a bit more about BabyBananas NFT collection and how they will be functional?

R — BabyBanana:
Yes my friend, our NFTs will have many utilities :

Reward bonus — this will increase the holders’ reflection rewards

Tax discounts : this will decrease the buy/sell tax while trading BabyBanana tokens

Free lottery tickets : these NFTs automatically count as free lotyery tickets or provide free bingo cards

Buyback NFTs : these NFTs can be consumed (burned after use) to trigger the buyback wallet, tokens bought this way will be burned

Staking : Some of the NFTs can be staked for Gnana rewards at the NFT museum

Collab NFTs : by default BabyBanana holders get Banana tokens as reflection reward, we made NFTs that change the rewarded token from Banana to token that matches the used collab NFT we for example have a NFT that rewards Gnana, one that rewards Space (Aperocket’s token) and one that rewards holders with Lyptus❤️

We will make more of these in the future, including one for BNB, BUSD and Bitcoin!!

These buyback NFTs will be given to the community to give them governance over the buyback wallet😌

Silfaster Koala Defi:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to scream, but that sounds great!

Can you show us an example of one (or more) of the NFTs?

R — BabyBanana:
Offcourse 😌
Is @KoaKoa_La here?
She is upposed to unveil the BabyBanana/KoalaDefi collab NFT..

Meet Ape king Midas, everything he touches turns into gold.. keeping him in your wallet will turn the Banana rewards into Gnana! And Able & Miss Baker (named after the first 2 monkeys that survived a space flight in real life) reward holders with Space tokens!

R — BabyBanana:
These are Chirag, Igor, Libby and Ryubert, inspired by and named after prominent community members and.. me😁

Silfaster Koala Defi:
Those are stunning! I love babybananas artwork!

R — BabyBanana:
Me too!! We have had the privelege to work with Succdog, the best artist in the crypto scene🥰 a unbelievable talent

Koakoa Koala Defi:

I’m here ! 🤔

Can I ?! Finally ?!

R — BabyBanana:
That’s good news.. would you please honor us by revealing the BabyBanana/Koaladefi collab NFT on this very special day? And happy birthday offcourse!!🥳

R — BabyBanana:
Can’t wait to earn some free Lyptus with this beautiful NFT🥰

Silfaster Koala Defi:
That is amazing! So the lucky holders of that NFT will be able to earn lyptus tokens? Just by holding it?

R — BabyBanana:
That is correct👌🏻 holders that have BabyBanana tokens and this collab NFT in the same wallet receive Lyptus tokens as reflection reward!

Silfaster Koala Defi:
Well I know what NFT I’m going to be looking for!!!

I know these NFTs live on a beautiful Island called Libbyria.

Can you tell us more about Libbyria and the role it plays in your ecosystem?

R — BabyBanana:
Libbyria serves as the UI on our website, it is the portal to access all BabyBanana’s utilities/community activities. It’s the island where all our NFT characters live😁

Libbyria is named after Libby, a fantastic woman, a pillar of the Apeswap community. She is leading a initiative to get investors together to buy a actual tropical island and build a resort on it! This and her character in general impressed me so much that I named the island after her and made her in to a NFT character😊

P.s. our NFT characters have background stories too! These stories are written by our exceptionally talented (and only 9 years old) writing prodigy Apespeare. You can find his stories on our website under “Libbyrian lore” a new story is added every week!

This is our big little Apespeare😌💪🏻

Silfaster Koala Defi:
That little ape is truely a shakespearian rebirth, I read all of his stories and loved them!

R — BabyBanana:
He’s amazing right? Imagine the skills this kiddo will have when he is a grown man..

Silfaster Koala Defi:
Thanks for telling us all about the platform and the apesome NFTs.

Now let’s talk BabyBanana token! The token that will be availaible in our IKO launchpad the 21st of October starting 12pm UTC.

Can you tell us all about $BBNANA?

R — BabyBanana:
$BBNANA is a reflection token, which means that it’s buy/sell transactions are taxed. This tax is 5% and 60% of this tax will be redistributed to holders as reward for holding BabyBanana tokens. So buying BabyBanana tokens will cost you a 5% tax but will forever earn you a passive income as long as you hold the BabyBanana tokens in your wallet. This reward is paid in Banana tokens, but as mentioned before this can be changed to other tokens. The other part of the reflection tax goes to the marketing wallet and to the buyback wallet (both 20% of the tax revenue) te marketing wallet is used to pay for marketing offcourse, but also for developing BabyBanana even further. The buyback wallet is used to buy back BabyBanana tokens in time of need, the tokens bought this way will be burned — which means they will permanently be taken out of circulation, so they are bought but can never be sold again, this strengthens BabyBanana’s price floor.

Silfaster Koala Defi:
Nice! I know your marketing is strong! I even saw a physical BBnana token some time ago, very awesome!

R — BabyBanana:
Long story short :

BabyBanana is a long term investment, you buy it and leave it in your wallet to earn you a passive income😌

These are currently being given away as prizes in our game competition!!

BabyBanana tokens can also be used as a wager in our chess and poker games!

We have more games and we will introduce a play to earn system for those aswell..

Silfaster Koala Defi:
That’s awesome!

Talking about prizes, I think we have an announcement to do.

I know @RSkittles will love this one!

Let’s plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BabyBanana Bingo this sunday!
Just look at those prizes ladies and gentlemen!
What do you think R, should we open the chat for some questions and to see if they want to play bingo?

Questions from the chat

R — BabyBanana:
I think that is a very good idea

Question by J Marin:
Will BabyBANANA have a special NFT sale? Can we buy or sell BabyBANANA NFT on the big marketplaces like Opensea or Binance in the future?

R — BabyBanana:
We will have our own NFT shop, we will release a few NFTs from time to time and we are also interested in working with some other marketplaces😊

Our NFTs influence the reward system and can be used to stake, so we will gradually release them while the nukber of BabyBanana holders grow, to ensure the NFTs will retain their impact and staking value!

Question by Emist:
Any chance on the future I can give to my NFK babybanana to eat?
R — BabyBanana:
I’m open for that😌 not sure if it’s technically possible though!

Question from J Marin:
Can you tell us if the partners you are working with will also help the development of the GameFi-based ecosystem? I mean, a original game for BabyBANANA?

R — BabyBanana:
For the poker game we are working with a professional company with more than 20 years of experience in online poker, the other games we develop ourselves under the command of my brother Afzal Faridi❤️

Question by Island Ape:
Can you stack nfts to earn even more rewards?

R — BabyBanana:
You can stack them in the museum for more staking rewards, in your wallet only the free lottery tickets stack and the highestvreward buff/tax discount value is chosen. We limited this to orevent a scenario where a whale buys a huge bag and a ton of NFTs and sucks up all the rewards..

Question by Devin:
What will be the max allocation per wallet

Silfaster Koala Defi:
Hi I can answer that one! 2000 dollar.
Please read the blogs for all information about the presale

Question by Mpalo Denje:
How will you ensure the sustainability of babybanana in term of tokenomics? I mean, token with such high taxes have been known for a while having some difficulties to not lose value over time. Do you have anything planned to counteract that ?

R — BabyBanana:
Yes, we will keep developing new games and new features to make sure there will be trading volume. The tokens you refer to “die” because their hype wears off and trading volume declines.. we will make sure to keep making interesting content/activities to keep trading volume up.

We have a VERY special thing in development now, working title is project M, can’t spoil too much but it’s unique, fun, beauitful and has me .ore excited than I have ever been in my life. When this releases the amount of BabyBanana holders will explode.. I put everything I have into developing this, my time, my energy, my money, my autism.. everything

Question by Juan:
Where do you see BabyBanana in 1 year? Will holders be able to vote for coming token-rewarding NFTs like for example another Koala NFT that gives us Nalis instead of Lyptus?

R — BabyBanana:
There will definitely be community governance over which collab NFTs wr will make.

Where do I see BabyBanana in 1 year?!

In everyone’s Binance portfolio, on Max Verstappen’s formula 1 car, in all our hearts and in the minds of all the people it will put food on the table for❤️

Question from Devin:
There’s another banana reflect token $FOOT, what makes $BBANANA better?

Island Ape BabyBanana:
An enticing opportunity for holders of $Babybanana, is that you can hold and stake different NFT’s which enable various boosts, privileges or to receive another token as your reflection rewards. Holding the “Ape King Midas” NFT, for instance, automatically turns your Banana rewards into Gnana, Or the “Able & Miss Baker” NFT that automatically turns your Banana rewards into Aperocket’s Space token! With this evolution of the deflationary token, we can mint NFTs with the ability to change the rewarded token from Banana to any token we want, even Bitcoin or BNB or BUSD! $BabyBanana is an all-in-one personal staking pool, where holders can passively earn ANY token as reflection reward just by holding it in their wallet. Combine $Babybanana with an NFT and the possibilities are truly endless!

R — BabyBanana:
I will not talk in disrespect about other projects. I am sure that team works VERY hard and is trying the best they can to make profits for their holders. I can only shut up and respect that.

Question by Mpalo Denje:
Thanks for your answer. Can you please tell us more about professional experience of the dev team ?

R — BabyBanana:
Our web developers have more than 20 years of professional experience amd it shows. These men know no problems, only solutions, and they are strong men too💪🏻 strong men are confident and reliable, so are my web developers😌

Catdev, our contract developer is simply the most intelligent man I have ever met and he is a legend amongst contract developers, a very ethical man too. A true magician.

Succdog, our artist is a phenomenal artist, a rising star in the crypto scene. We were lucky to get her on board, she is actually way too famous and expensive for us now😌 marl my words : she will be very famous soon

Afzal Faridi, our lead game developer is a prodigy, a extremely talented and friendly man, more than 15 years of experience, he works hard, fast and secure — a true brother for me❤️

And there’s me offcourse, basically a trained baboon 😌

Question by M’aiq:
ok. so if you want to choose another one you would have to transfer the better NFT to another wallet to “deactivate” it?

Juan BabyBanana:
This is correct friend
Also you only can have 1 non-stackable Babybanana NFT per wallet
In our TG group you will find a NFT guide with all detailed info regarding our NFTs

Question by Mpalo Denje:
Do you have someone specialized in security? Or is it plan?

R — BabyBanana:
Our web developers also own a IT security company😊

Besides that, we spent $50k on a audit by Paladin to make sure we are 100% SAFU. This audit was amazing, Paladin is a VERY professional company that helped us a lot and was VERY supportive and helpful with perfecting our code.

We are as safe as possibly can be.

Question from M’aiq:
Great! You told before about the museum. What are the restrictions here exactly to prevent someone just staking a lof of NFTs here?Great! You told before about the museum. What are the restrictions here exactly to prevent someone just staking a lof of NFTs here?

R — BabyBanana:
Only limited edition NFTs have a staking value. So it’s calculated in such a way that there will be enough rewards for everyone even if every single NFT is staked at the same time!

And how exactly do the game mechanics work? Is it like “real time” or ist it possible to play a game of chess through several days?

R — BabyBanana:
Chess is real time, like a normal game of chess there is a time limit. Which can be adjusted. We took measures to prevent people from leaving when they are losing and there is money involved..

and you probably also thought about other games to possibly implement? 👀

R — BabyBanana:
We will add more casino games, but Project M will be the best game in crypto.
I’m putting my heart and soul into that one.
We’re doing Nintendo insipred stuff, but not smash bros.. there is a bit of fighting involved in Project M though

Perhaps I can share a little piece of concept art.. a early sketch..


Timeline 📅

We will post a series of blogs about the BabyBananas presale and the Koala Defi IKO launchpad to provide you with all the information you need!

19th of October 5pm UTC: AMA with BabyBanana in the Koala Defi TG group

19th of October: Meet BabyBanana blog

20th of October: A step-by-step guide and how to participate in the presale.

21st of October at 12pm UTC: BabyBananas PRESALE DAY

22nd of October at 12pm UTC: BabyBananas claim and launchday

22nd of October: ApeSwap will announce the listing of $BBNANA and a $GNANA pool.