CremePieSwap AMA Transcript

On the 7th of September, we held an AMA in our telegram main group with Jackson from CremePieSwap answering questions about their platform and everything coming to our partnership.

Here is the transcript done by our amazing KoaKoa (aka KoaMama😉) for everybody that missed this great time and want to learn more about CremePieSwap.

Silfaster :
Welcome everybody to the Koala Defi x CremePieSwap AMA!

We are very excited to introduce our latest partner CremePieSwap to you and have an AMA with them so we can learn everything about the project.

We have just opened a Polygon bush for CremePieSwap on!
Next week CremePieSwap will open a $Nalis pool on their website!
So let’s start the show and learn about this great project!

During the first half of the AMA the chat will be muted.

The first half (~30 minutes) will consist of questions by the Koala Defi team and for the second half of the AMA we will open the Telegram chat so everybody can ask CremePieSwap anything!

Aaaaare you ready?
Grab a drink, grab a snack and enjoy the AMA!

Welcome Jackson!

So let’s start with a brief introduction.

Can you tell us a bit about CremePieSwap and your team?

Jackson :
So, CremePieSwap is a joint venture between 3 established projects on the Binance smart chart that wanted to create a foundation onto the Polygon Network.
The Teams are consisting of Launchzone, which runs the dev side of CremePieSwap, 100xcoin which runs the marketing, business development, and community side of CremePieSwap, and BscArmy which runs the gd and Asian communities.

I am apart of the team at 100xcoin, founded by ken the crypto.
You can find him on YouTube under the same name.

Silfaster :
Wow that sounds amazing, combining forces to conquer Polygon!

How long has CremePieSwap been active?

Jackson :
We launched CremePieSwap around 7 weeks ago.

Yes, we think it’s a great idea to launch with multiple partnerships to help keep all parties involved accountable for their side of the business.

Silfaster :
Plus you guys probably have a nice history on BSC!

So can you tell us about the main features of CremePieSwap that distinguish it from other projects? Why should somebody invest in CremePieSwap?

Jackson :
Our current features are high yield farming and staking.
We also have a lottery that we just launched and are currently working on launching Market predictions, cross chain bridging, integrated advanced charting, and Ifo.
We strive to provide the best user experience on the polygon network and to become one of the top dex’s on Polygon.

We are consistently updating quality of life features as well, so to keep the ui smooth and running without a hitch.

Silfaster :
That sounds great.
So you’re looking to be an allround platform on the Polygon chain?
Is there a roadmap we can have a look at somewhere?

Jackson :
We are, we want CremePieSwap to become synonymous with the Polygon user base as it continues to grow.

You can find our roadmap and info on our website.

Silfaster :

I was looking into your lottery and it seems you guys have a great concept where every user will get one free lottery ticket daily.

Can you tell us a bit more about your lottery? And when will it launch/re-open?

Jackson :
We have launched our lottery, but we have it down for some updates.
We will be providing an update to the timeframe shortly as to when it will be back up and running.
Our lottery is a deflationary mechanism to help combat the minting of our native tokens.
With the aspect of giving away a ticket daily even if you don’t play the lottery, we wanted to give everyone a chance to win the jackpots and have fun playing the lottery.
Basically, we want it to be a fun for all platform, while also increasing the value of our native token.

Silfaster :
That’s great! I’m sure a lot of koalas will check out your lottery!

We have some games of our own and they love to play!

Koala Defi just launched the CremePieSwap bush before the AMA started, making it possible to earn $CPIE by staking $Nalis on the polygon chain!

What Koala Defi related pool or can we expect on and can you tell us when we can expect it?

Jackson :
We will be launching the pool to stake $CPIE for $Nalis next week.
We at CremePieSwap can’t wait to be earning those $Nalis.

Silfaster :
oehhhh that sounds delicious!

So my final question is about your name, how did you guys come up with cremepieswap?
A lot of our users giggled, we don’t have a clue why 😇

Jackson :
Well, with the branding of food being easily recognizable, we wanted to tap into that market.
That is why we decided to go with CremePieSwap.

Silfaster :

Thank you so much for answering our teamquestions.
Do you have anything you would like to add before we open the chat to see if our community has some questions for CremePieSwap?

Jackson :
Sure, we at CremePieSwap want to thank everyone for giving us the time to discuss our project.
We strive to be one of the very best in the dex market.
We look forward to seeing a lot of koala’s around our community and eating lots of CremePies.
Thank you again and look forward to seeing you all at CremePieSwap.

Questions from J.Marin :
What is the role of the community in CremePieSwap? How do you build trust so that investors continue to support the success of your project?

Jackson : The role of the community is to help show support for our platform as we continue to build upon it. We at CremePieSwap are building a product that will be ease of use and fluid through the the Polygon network. if you build the product and continue to update the community regularly, the trust will continue to grow. Communication is always key in building a great project.

Question from KoaKoa (😊) :
Do you plan to do something on charity ?

Jackson : Ken is very big on giving back to the community. We have done a few charities events for the Los Angeles area and are looking for more opportunities give back.

Questions from J.Marin :
What educational methods do you use within CremePieSwap so that the information provided is really learned by users who are just starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies?

Jackson : So, in our ecosystem we have built an education platform kind of like the Binance academy.
We are updating it weekly and having videos built for learning for it.
Our combined ecosystems will be the one stop shop for knowledge and investing.

Silfaster : that sounds great! Where can we find it?

Jackson : It is currently apart of the 100xcoin ecosystem, but I really love the idea of integrating that into CremePieSwap itself, so I will forward this to the team and we will discuss bringing it to CremePieSwap as that would be a very valuable tool for all investors.




High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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