How to buy 🍃$LYPTUS

🤚 Mandatory: have a working wallet and liquidity to buy $LYPTUS, read the following article to create a Binance account and install Metamask Wallet: How to use on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to generate money


Go to and click “Connect” (top right)

Click on “next” & “connect” on the MetaMask notification window, and you should see your address at the top. Then, click on “Trade” > “Exchange” in the left menu.

Note: If you see the “Connect” button after switching from one page to another, just click on it to re-connect to your MetaMask account.

Now, we are going to exchange BNB for LYPTUS using swape. The target is to have both of them at a 50/50 ratio, while keeping some BNB for the network transaction fees. As I have ~2BNB, i’m gonna exchange 1BNB for LYPTUS.

If you want to choose another pair, feel free!

Click on “Approve” and then “Swap”, accept the transaction on MetaMask, wait for confirmation and it’s done: we have our BNB & LYPTUS tokens.

Note: You can use Apeswap DEX if you prefer

Now that we have everything, go in “Liquidity” on Koaladefi, and click on “Add liquidity”. Select “LYPTUS” and click “MAX” to put all your LYPTUS tokens, and the corresponding amount in BNB.

Approve LYPTUS by clicking “Approve” button and confirm on MetaMask (it will call the smart contract, which will incurs some fees (~ 0.2$)).

When approved, you will be able to “supply” your tokens and create LP token (the corresponding pair “BNB-LYPTUS”). Click on “supply” button, validate on Koaladefi and on MetaMask, wait for the transaction to be done, and you should see your LP tokens.

Farms to earn🍃$LYPTUS

Finally, click on “Farms” in the left menu. Select the corresponding farm (in our case, the “LYPTUS-BNB LP”) and click on “Approve contract” button. Again, this will call the smart contract and some transaction fees will occurs (~0.09$).

When contract is approved, click on “+”, click on “MAX” in the popup and Confirm. Validate the transaction in the MetaMask notification window, and that’s it!

Now, you just have to wait and check every day or so to “harvest” your earned 🍃 $LYPTUS! (stake it in Pools to earn more tokens!)

The profit rate depends on the LP you choose, and it can vary drastically from one day to another, so it’s important to follow up every 1–2 days.



High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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