IKO launchpad presale #3: Meet POLYDefi

Having a presale on our IKO launchpad is something Koala Defi cares about very deeply and is something we take very serious, that’s why we took our time to work on the process to be able to offer you topnotch presales.

We’re all done and ready for action, so we will kick off the renewed Koala Defi IKO launchpad with the PolyDefi presale!

We are proud and excited to introduce our next big IKO presale project, PolyDefi.

The IKO launchpad presale for $octagon on the Polygon chain will start on the 28th of September at 9am UTC and is first come, first serve (FCFS) with a maximum duration of 24 hours. The presale tokenomics will get published in a blog, 3 days from now.

About POLYDefi

POLYDeFi is a transparent next generation tiered IFO launchpad running on the Polygon chain with a big focus on smart contract security and decentralization.

POLYDefi will offer a tiered IFO platform that will make it possible for new projects to set up a pool that is based on a fixed purchase rate for their tokens. POLYDeFi’s native token ($OCTAGON) holders can stake USDC according to their pool “size” and receive an allocation of the IFO.

IFO stands for Initial Fund Offering. POLYDeFi is a project that strives to decentralize the way in which new projects coming to the Polygon network raise funds.

POLYDefi is setting up a tiered IFO platform that will help new cryptocurrency projects with raising funds for their launch in a fast and cheap way. $OCTAGON token holders will be able to participate in IFOs in an upmost secure way on the Polygon network.

$OCTAGON token

The native token of POLYDeFi is called $OCTAGON token, with the ticker $OCTAGON. $OCTAGON will gain loads of utilities over time and its main utility is that it will be used for participating into IFOs. Initially $OCTAGON will be a yield farming token. $OCTAGON has a max supply of 30M.

We will post a indepth blog about the tokenomics of POLYDefi tomorrow.

Security and transparency

Safety of funds will be POLYDefi’s highest priority.
In order to offer a safe and secure platform POLYDefi has taken the following precautions at launch:

  • High focus on smart contracts security
  • No migrator code and no proxy in our smart contracts
  • Timelock since launch
  • Timelocked developer wallet and timelocked project wallet

An Techrate audit has already been finished on the main contracts and a Paladin audit will follow soon after launch.

POLYDefi will launch on the Polygon chain for true decentralization and very low transaction costs.

Timeline 📅

We will post a series of blogs about the POLYDefi presale and the Koala Defi IKO launchpad to provide you with all the information you need!

A blog about the POLYDefi presale tokenomics

AMA in the Koala Defi TG group

A step-by-step guide and how to participate in the presale.

The final POLYDefi presale AMA


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