KMO 1: The Delicious Demons collection

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3 min readNov 29, 2021

Koala Defi is very proud to open the Koala Mint Offering Mintpad to NFT artists all over the world!

The KMO Delicious Demon NFT collection sale will take place on the 6th of December at 6 minutes past 6 pm UTC, that’s 6:06pm UTC.

The KMO Mintpad will offer artists a unique way to offer their art in the form of NFTs to the world without having to focus on the technicalities or marketing. Let’s make the artist focus on their artwork while Koala Defi offers an all-in-one NFT solution, from minting to marketing.

The KMO Mintpad not only introduces a new feature to Koala Defi launchzone, it will also be the first step to the big KoalaVerse, our own 3D virtual metaverse. The KMO mintpad will be accompanied by a virtual art gallery, first available as an in-browser app but soon also available in true Virtual Reality. You will be able to explore the artworks walking around in a digital NFT gallery.

The digital gallery for the Delicious Demon NFTs will open on the 1st of December at 6:06pm UTC, there might be some random surprises hidden in the gallery, make sure to attend the grande opening!

(early alpha test footage)

The Delicious Demon Collection

The first official KMO partner is @ScarletNFTs, a very talented artist from South Africa presenting her Delicious Demon NFT collection available to mint on the KMO Mintpad on the 6th of december at 6 minutes after 6 pm UTC, that’s 6:06 pm UTC.

A small sample of some of the Delicious Demons

There will be a total maximum of 1000 Delicious Demons available spread over 5 different tiers:

Tier 1: Sinner (500 NFTs)
Tier 2: Imp (250 NFTs)
Tier 3: Succubus (150 NFTs)
Tier 4: Princess (70 NFTs)
Tier 5: Queen of Hell (30 NFTs)

The KMO mintpad will offer you to generate a random Delicious Demons NFT for a fixed price. Every 250 sold NFTs the price will go up.

The first 250 buyers get a demonic discount of 33% and can mint a unique Delicious Demon NFTs for just 0,0666 BNB

The next 250 buyers get a hell of a price with 25% discount and can mint a unique Delicious Demon NFTs for just 0,075 BNB

After 500 NFTs sold the Delicious Demons will receive a 11% discounted bargain from Beelzebub himself with a minting price of 0,089 BNB

The final 250 of the unique Delicious Demon collection will be available to mint for just 0,1 BNB.

When minting a Delicious Demon NFT on the KMO Mintpad, you will receive a random Tier 1 to 5 NFT. See if you’re that lucky devil that mints a Tier 5 Delicious Demon to add to your NFT collection. You can mint as many Delicious Demon NFTs as you like, make sure to be in time to grab that demonic discount at the start of the sale!

Timeline of the Delicious Demon NFT KMO sale

30th of November, start of the big Delicious Demons KMO campaign

1st of December, Opening of the Delicious Demons Koala Verse NFT Gallery

3rd of December, an interview with ScarletNFT about the Delicious Demon NFT collection

5th of December, a step-by-step blog about the KMO Mintpad.

6th of December, the KMO Delicious Demon NFT sale starts at 6:06pm UTC on