KoaBoost campaign!

Koala DeFi #BSC
3 min readMay 24, 2021

Let’s give a big kick to $LYPTUS before the coming scarcity !


We listen to our community and we are aware about your worries!

Last weeks the crypto market have been hard with everyone of us! But most indicators and experts seem to agree that the bull run is far to be ended. This is a big correction and after the amazing growth of last months, let’s say, it’s normal to have a market correction. It’s not fun and some of us can lose money in this configuration. These days, it’s not easy to HODL but it’s the only way to recover in this case!

With this “moody” market, we have decided to give a big kick to $LYPTUS and give a last chance to every Koala to get more $LYPTUS in their pocket before the Version 2 of koaladefi.finance and the coming $LYPTUS scarcity.

Here is how the KoaBoost campaign is planned for the next week :

Wednesday 26th May at 2 PM UTC : Boost campaign launch!

Here are the boost details :

  • We will boost the $LYPTUS emission rate from 1 $LYPTUS per block to 2.2 $LYPTUS per block. This will increased the farms and pools APRs. It will double the APRs.
  • We will reorganize the multipliers of farms and pools to give real big APRs to $LYTPUS holders which are into LYPTUS farms and pools.
  • We will make a big promotion on deposit fees on farms, pools and bushes : From 3–4% to 1%. This means that with boosted APRs, those who will enter into farms and pools will recover very quickly their deposit fees.
  • 5000 LYPTUS will be eaten(burnt) by the Koalas each days of the KoaBoost campaign!
  • There will be a marketing around this KoaBoost campaign on BSC Daily and also a Youtube video from a big influencer.
  • There will be a giant contest to promote the KoaBoost campaign for the community and give a chance to win $25 worth in LYPTUS for 5 lucky koalas each day of the KoaBoost campaign! That’s $125 worth in LYPTUS everyday ! $375 total for 15 lucky winners !
  • This campaign will occur during 3 days!

Friday 28th May at 2 PM UTC : Preparing the end of Boost campaign

Here are the details to prepare the last day of the Boost campaign :

  • $LYTPUS emission rate will be set back to 2 $LYPTUS per block to prepare a soft transition to the end of the KoaBoost campaign.

Saturday 29th May at 2 PM UTC : End of Boost campaign

Here are the end details :

  • We will make a giant 10000 LYPTUS feeding frenzy (burn) Koala party to celebrate this last day of the KoaBoost campaign.
  • We will set back all deposit fees on farms, pools and bushes to only 2% and never more! All native $LYPTUS pools and farms will stay with 0% deposit fees forever!
  • $LYTPUS emission rate will be gradually set back to is normal value of 1 $LYPTUS per block. This will be done everyday with a 0.1 reduction on emission rate. So during 10 days after the KoaBoost campaign, the emission rate will be reduced by 0.1 each day to finally reach is normal value of 1 $LYPTUS per block.