Koala Defi presents the Initial Koala Offering (IKO)

Koala Defi presents the IKO, the Initial Koala Offering.

After extensive testing to make sure Koala Defi’s own launchpad is going to be one of the best launchpads ever, we are ready to take the platform to it’s next evolution, Koala Defi Version 2!

  • A worldwide youtube campaign will be launched with the help of wellknown youtube influencers.
  • To attract new investors Koala Defi will put more emphasis our mission to help koalas and their environment by opening a new platform, onlykoalas.com, dedicated to koala wildlife conservation and online crypto donation.
  • There will be more marketing campaigns across multiple big BSC related websites.
  • There will be an AMA about the launchpad and $Nalis presale (Sunday 4th of July TBA).
  • Press releases about $Nalis and V2 of koaladefi.finance were sent out to all major crypto news outlets.
  • There will be big giveaways and community events to draw maximum attention to the presale of $Nalis
  • We will start sharing more information and screenshots of Koala Defi V2.
  • and more…



High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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