Koala Defi presents the Initial Koala Offering (IKO)

First of all, we’re sorry for leaving you out in the dark koalas!

These past couple of weeks a lot happened in crypto, markets were pretty unstable and during the preparation of the Koala Defi Version 2 launch we came across a couple of challenges that got us thinking about the path we had taken for the presale of $Nalis

We were in talks with a couple of potential launchpad partners, but after some consideration and a good look at the markets we’ve decided to launch $Nalis ourselves.

Launching Nalis on Koala Defi is the best thing we can do for our loyal investors and new investors. Koala Defi is a community driven project with a fantastic community after all!

Of course this had some consequences on the whole process towards the presale of $Nalis. All of a sudden Koala Defi’s devs had to build the best and most secure launchpad DEFI can offer, this took some time and now the launchpad has been completed and tested, it’s time to tell you everything about it! Koala Defi is all about your safety and offering a secure platform.

Because of the decision to launch $Nalis ourselves, we decided to postpone the presale a couple of days, to monday the 5th of July at 7AM UTC. The presale will last for 24 hours. Koala Defi V2 will get launched the 6th of July at 7AM UTC. We believe this will greatly benefit the success of the presale and gives us more time to extend our biggest marketing campaign yet! More indepth information on the presale itself will be posted in tomorrows blog.

First let us tell you about the potential risks of project launches.

A lot of launchpads require to stake their native token to be eligible for a presale. We did not want to burden our investors with the risk of buying and staking tokens of another project in an unstable market. And let’s be fair, everybody that has taken part in presales knows towards the presale the token price of the launch platform usually goes up, and drops most of the times after the presale has been completed.

When launching a presale on another projects platform most of the times there are costs involved. We’d rather use this budget to extend our marketing, to strenghten our community and to give our investors a fair launch. We’d rather not have early investors of another launch platform have an advantages over our loyal Koala Defi investors.

So that’s what happened in a nutshell, now let’s have a look at what is going to happen in the very exciting future of Koala Defi

Koala Defi presents the IKO, the Initial Koala Offering.

After extensive testing to make sure Koala Defi’s own launchpad is going to be one of the best launchpads ever, we are ready to take the platform to it’s next evolution, Koala Defi Version 2!

Because we build our own launchpad we can have the $Nalis presale on our own terms and conditions. This means we can give our loyal lyptus holders some benefits in the presale.

We will talk more indepth about the presale and how the IKO launchpad works in the next two blogs that are going to be released tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Besides 3 blogposts about the presale of $Nalis we will have an AMA about the presale of $Nalis and the IKO launchpad on Sunday the 4th of July. The exact time of this AMA will be announced very soon.

Koala Defi is ready for the launch of $Nalis and Koala Defi V2! To get the world ready for the presale of $Nalis and launch of V2 we are going to extend our marketing campaign to our biggest yet. Let us give you a little peek on what we have planned for the next 2 weeks;

  • A worldwide youtube campaign will be launched with the help of wellknown youtube influencers.
  • To attract new investors Koala Defi will put more emphasis our mission to help koalas and their environment by opening a new platform, onlykoalas.com, dedicated to koala wildlife conservation and online crypto donation.
  • There will be more marketing campaigns across multiple big BSC related websites.
  • There will be an AMA about the launchpad and $Nalis presale (Sunday 4th of July TBA).
  • Press releases about $Nalis and V2 of koaladefi.finance were sent out to all major crypto news outlets.
  • There will be big giveaways and community events to draw maximum attention to the presale of $Nalis
  • We will start sharing more information and screenshots of Koala Defi V2.
  • and more…

We are very excited for the launch of version 2 and hope you are too! Together with you, our loyal investors, we are going to take the platform to the next level and become the most secure and most innovative defi platform around!

For more information about the presale of $Nalis and IKO launchpad please follow us on medium and be on the lookout for tomorrows blog!

💡 If you have any other questions at all, feel free to throw them at us on Telegram or on Twitter using the hashtag #KoalaDefiIKO and we will answer as many as we can.

Telegram: https://t.me/koaladefichat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoalaDefi
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/koaladefi
Instagram: https://instagram.com/koaladefi

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