Koalas, it’s time for a big change!

Koala DeFi #BSC
3 min readNov 24, 2021


We’ve all seen Nalis and other (taxed) yieldfarm tokens suffer a lot the past couple of months, so let’s start talking about some changes that will be implemented in the road to Koala Defi V3. December is going to be a wild month for the koalas, full of festivities and changes.

The first big announcement is that Koala Defi will start hosting LP farms for partners in December, this will mean you can stake LP pairs other than our native LP pairs.

The big upside of opening LP partner farms is a whole new group of investors that will get introduced to Koala Defi, we will have new strong partnerships to have constant bushes with higher APRs and other benefits for our loyal holders! The TVL of the project will grow significantly and should have a direct influence of the price of Nalis because a lot more staking options / utility will get created and it will be much easier to restake your earnings and start earning even bigger rewards in the bushes.

The small downside is, the non-native pools will suffer a decline in APR to create allocation for the new LP farms. Starting next week the APR for the pools on both BSC and Polygon will get lowered by 30% to start with. Currently the pools are great for TVL, but hurt the project, so after a long period of calculating the allocation of the Koala Defi masterchef contract, the decision was made to reduce the APR of the pools.

Besides creating partner LP farm, there will be a big focus on creating extra burn options for Nalis token.
We all know the 2% burn tax is a delicate subject and it’s something Koala Defi wants to discuss with you, should the 2% tax on Nalis transactions change? The next couple of weeks we will organize discussions about this on our telegram and reddit channels to decide on the future of Nalis in accordance with our community.

A couple of the things that are already planned to burn more Nalis:

  • There will have special NFK sales in both BSC and Polygon Nalis where 100% of the NFK fees in Nalis will get burned.
  • There will be a very special Nalis pool that lets you earn great rewards by burning Nalis token.
  • Viknalis is back to the drawing board and is planned for the launch of V3 to incentivize the most effective burns of Nalis while becoming the real VIP token.
  • In accordance with the community a better balance between Nalis and Lyptus will get created by using the Lyptus governance voting rights. More news about this soon.
  • We will open a special burn lottery, focused on big prizes and big burns, made possible by our own Koala Oracle.
  • The Koala Bridge is currently getting finalized and will get launched in the first half of December, we aim for the first week of December.
  • The first alpha version of the KoalaVerse, Koala Defi’s own interactive metaverse will open in the first half of December, bringing new ways to earn and burn to Koala Defi. First in 3d in your browser, a bit later in true virtual reality. Before this launch we will launch an interactive KMO experience this week to introduce a part of the KoalaVerse!

And of course we want to hear your solutions / ideas too, Koala Defi is a community driven project, your opinion is of upmost importance to the platform and it’s future. We will announce an AMA about farming in V3 and the first discussion panels later this week. More news about the MARSupial Roadmap in the coming days.