Let’s talk about Nalis

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2 min readDec 27, 2021



Some love it, some hate it, how do you feel about Nalis Transfer Tax?

At the introduction of Nalis there was a community governance vote to determine the transaction tax on Nalis. A burn of 2% on every transaction was voted on by the community.

The main reason for the transaction tax were the constant burning of tokens and as an incentive to hold Nalis.

Defi is constantly changing and evolving and so is Koala Defi.
We want to discuss with you, our valued investors, what the future of Lyptus and Nalis should look like. Starting with the tokenomics of Nalis.

This first vote in a series of votes will be about the transaction tax on Nalis token.

We already made a list of some pros and cons regarding a transaction tax, but would love to hear how you think about it before we launch the governance poll.

- 2% on every transaction constantly burn Nalis token to counter inflation.
- Incentive to keep staking Nalis
- Without burn mechanism other methods of burning should get introduced, this could mean higher deposit or withdrawal fees, a lower block emission (APR will go down) etc.

- 2% on every transaction might scare away new investors
- 2% on every transaction might scare away people from staking because you will lose at least 4% (or more if you need to buy the Nalis from the swap to stake).
- Not rewarding to sent others Nalis because of the burn.
- Creating a good beneficial vault is hard with transaction taxes

We are organizing an AMA in our @koaladefichat Telegram Group in a couple of days to collect all your questions regarding the Nalis transaction tax and will have an AMA on Wednesday the 29th at 6pm UTC.

After the AMA there will be a blog with answers on all Nalis related questions so everybody has all the information he/she needs to make a decision about the transaction tax on Nalis.

On the 30th of December we will set up a governance vote for Lyptus owners to determine the future of the transaction tax on Nalis.
This vote will run for 1 week.

Tag your question with #NalisQuestion in our @koaladefichat Telegram Group or on Twitter (don’t forget to tag @koaladefi) so we can find it easily