Let’s talk about Polygon, PearZap and the IKO launchpad vote

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4 min readJul 10, 2021

What a week it has been! Both the presale of Nalis and the launch of Koala Defi Version 2 were a huge success. In our roadmap we already told you Koala Defi will be integrating the Polygon chain in Q3.

We were approached by a great project, PearZap, for an IKO launch on Koala Defi and we need your vote on it! Koala Defi is a community driven project and it’s time for a community vote.

The launch of PearZap could bring Koala Defi some great benefits.
So let us tell you about Polygon, PearZap and the vote on the IKO launch of Pearzap. 🚀

About Polygon

Polygon, previously known as Matic, is a fully decentralized blockchain network that makes yield farming possible with very low transaction fees and very fast and stable transactions. 🏎

Unlike BSC, Polygon is completely decentralized and continuously in development. Because of the compatibility with the Ethereum fork chain it is very easy to duplicate and convert BSC smart contracts to Polygon which makes it the perfect chain to add to Koala Defi first. Because Polygon is still relatively young, it grows rapidly and offers huge future potential. 📈

What is the benefit of going crosschain?

Going cross chain makes a Defi project no longer reliable on a single blockchain and offers a great way to spread your investments across multiple chains that each have their own benefits while maintaining the same high safety and security standards for your investment. 🛡
These are the main reasons Koala Defi has Polygon chain integration on the roadmap for Q3. 🙅🏻‍♂️

About PearZap ⚡️

PearZap will launch a community driven yieldfarming project on Polygon chain (Matic) with high yields that will bring innovation to the Polygon Defi platform with unique new features like “The Garden” (An unique and original pool system to earn 2 tokens at the same time while stacking $PEAR.) and a multichain NFT marketplace platform. PearZap has a high focus on security and will be audited by Certik before the project launch. You can read all about it on pearzap.com.

PearZap will release $PEAR, a multichain yieldfarming token that is capped to a maximum supply of 60.000.000 tokens with unique functions like:

  • Automatic high burn mechanisms
  • Anti whale and anti bot system
  • Auto compounding and token holders redistribution
  • DAO token

The current price for a transaction on Polygon (Matic) is $0.000076897. Even with 10000 transactions, you still won’t pass 1 USD. It is unmatched. PearZap will be the most profitable place to stake or farm the tokens that are built on Polygon. -https://pearzap.medium.com/

PearZap is created by a development team with extensive experience coming from the Ethereum ecosystem and is ready to go cross chain with BSC, xDai and Fantom. The marketing and moderation teams both have experience with big projects on the Binance Smart Chain. 🏆

The core word of the team is #BUIDL, to quote their website:

#BUIDL is our watchword, we live in an innovation culture and we have to remain creative throughout the adventure.

Sunday the 11th of July at 1pm UTC we will host an AMA with the PearZap team in our Koala Defi Telegram group to learn all about PearZap and Polygon.

About the IKO launchpad 🚀

After the very succesful launch of Nalis token on the IKO launchpad, multiple project have reached out to Koala Defi for a project launch. This gave us the opportunity to select a project that will benefit the development of our platform and that we can help with a succesful project launch.

The goal of the PearZap presale is to raise $80,000 to provide liquidity and funds for marketing. The initial presale liquidy will be locked. The project has been screened by Koala Defi and a Certik Audit should be nearly finished.💰

We already had Polygon chain integration on the roadmap for Q3, to keep momentum going the launch of PearZap gives Koala Defi a great opportunity to speed things up and go cross chain within a month. This is subjective to change, safety and security of your funds will be our main priority. 🛡

The shared knowledge of the development teams from Koala Defi and PearZap will give the development of Koala Defi on Polygon a great boost and will be great for the growth of the project. The marketing team of Koala Defi will support PearZap to have a succesful presale and project launch. 📈

Community vote 📜

Because Koala Defi is a community driven project there will be a vote to launch PearZap on the Koala Defi IKO launchpad on social media.

A presale offers a great opportunity to eat (burn) Lyptus. The contribution fee, 5%, will be used to buy back Lyptus on BSC and eat (burn) it.

The voting process will start sunday the 11th of July after the AMA, last for 24 hours and will decide if Koala Defi will launch PearZap in the second half of July 2021.

Just before the vote an AMA will be hosted in the Koala Defi Telegram group on sunday the 11th of July at 1pm UTC with the team from PearZap. You can ask them anything about PearZap and Polygon.
After the AMA has finished a transcript will be posted on the medium blog.


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