Let’s talk $Nalis presale numbers!

We’re less then 72 hours away from the $Nalis presale! Let’s share some presale token economics in this blog! 👀

⏰Monday the 5th of July at 7am UTC the Koala Defi $Nalis presale will start on our own Initial Koala Offering (IKO) launchpad on koaladefi.finance.

There will be only one round for $Nalis presale and the IKO type is : first come, first served (will a maximum contribution per wallet of $1000).

The presale will last for 24 hours. The duration on the IKO is fixed into the smartcontract. Even if the fund raising target of the IKO is reached before the end of the 24 hours, the duration will stay 24 hours.

After these 24 hours, on the 6th of July at 7am UTC, you will be able to claim your $Nalis and stake them directly into Koala DeFi Version 2. 🏗🚀

$Nalis farming will start on the 6th of July around 7:30am UTC at block 8913000. Here is a countdown to the block. You will be able to discover Koala DeFi Version 2 on the 6th of July at 7am UTC and you will be able to start staking your lovely tokens but the $Nalis reward will start at block 8914500.

Important : The IKO launchpad will run on Koala DeFi version 1 (the actual website) and our newly acquired $Nalis tokens will be usable on Koala DeFi version 2 website. We will come very soon with the detailed website urls 🐨

In this blog we will share the presale price, and token distribution of $Nalis token. $Nalis will have a 25% higher marketprice after the presale ($0,25 vs $0,20 in the presale). If the fund raising target is not met, the remainder of the $Nalis allocated to the presale will get eaten (burned).
The majority of the raised funds (70%) will serve as the liquidity funding to launch $Nalis. A large part of the funds raised will get locked for a maximum of 6 months, this means the devs have no access to the funds.

$NALIS IKO main goal

The goal of the IKO is to add and lock a decent amount of liquidity to $NALIS token to avoid huge pump and dumps and provide market stability.

The second goal of the IKO is to raise enough funds to increase our marketing power to reach more investors and provide a healthy growth for the platform.

IKO funds raising target in the Initial Koala Offering launchpad: $100,000

Token distribution and allocation for the IKO

Total fund raising target : $100k

The amount of minted token before launch : 1,000,000 $NALIS

Token distribution

  • IKO : 50%
  • Liquidities funding : 35%
  • Marketing : 15%

Liquidities funding

  • Locked funds for 2 months : 20%
  • Locked funds for 6 months : 60%
  • Treasury fund : 15%
  • Development fund : 5%

Farming : Initial liquidities : Pairs funding

  • NALIS-BUSD APE LP : 60% (100% locked)
  • NALIS-BNB APE LP : 40% (50% locked)

IKO : token presale price

  • 50% of minted tokens : 500,000 $NALIS
  • IKO price : $0.20/token ($100k/500,000 $NALIS) : 1 BUSD for 5 NALIS

$NALIS price at launch

The marketprice of $NALIS at launch when adding liquidities will be $0.25/token (this is 25% higher then the IKO presale price).
The token price delta iko/launch is 25%

$NALIS per block at launch

The initial block emission for $Nalis will be 2 $NALIS/block. The emission will decrease slowly with 10% every week to reach the final emission of 1 $NALIS/block.

Minimum contribution

The minimum contribution per wallet will be 50 BUSD

Maximum contribution

The maximum contribution per wallet will be 1000 BUSD

Contribution fee

The IKO launchpad offers two options to pay the contribution fee:

  • Invest in BUSD with a 10% fee.
  • Invest in BUSD and pay a 5% fee in Lyptus.

Contribution fees paid in $Lyptus will get eaten (burned) immediately. The contribution fees in BUSD will be used to buy back $lyptus at marketprice and eat (burn) it at the end of the IKO.


Sunday the 4th of july there will be an AMA about the IKO launchpad and the launch of Version 2 in the Koala Defi telegram group (https://t.me/koaladefichat) 🚀 So if you have any questions about the numbers in this blog or the launchpad, join us on Telegram!

We are very excited for the launch of version 2 and hope you are too!

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Together with you, our loyal investors, we are going to take the platform to the next level and become the most secure and most innovative defi platform around!

For more information about the presale of $Nalis and IKO launchpad please follow us on medium and be on the lookout for tomorrows blog!

Telegram: https://t.me/koaladefichat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoalaDefi
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/koaladefi
Instagram: https://instagram.com/koaladefi



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