Let’s talk POLYDefi presale numbers

Tuesday the 28th of September at 9am UTC the POLYDefi presale will begin on the Koala Defi Initial Koala Offering (IKO) launchpad on .

The presale for $OCTAGON will last for 24 hours starting the 28th of September at 9am UTC and is on a first come first serve base. This means there is no allocation and no whitelist, make sure to be in time if you want to participate in the presale. ⏰

After the 24 hours have passed on the 29th of September at 9am UTC you can claim your tokens in the IKO launchpad.

Because POLYDefi is a Polygon chain project, the presale will be in USDC.
Tomorrow we will post a blog how to get your wallet ready for Polygon on Koala Defi. 🚀

There will be a 10% contribution fee, a part of this fee will be used to buy back our native tokens and eat (burn) them. 🔥🍃🔥

The minimum contribution to the $OCTAGON presale is $100 USDC, the maximum contribution to the presale is $1500 USDC.

The goal of the presale is a total fund raise of $132.600.

There will be a total of 10.200.000 $OCTAGON tokens available in the presale. The presale price of 1 $OCTAGON token in the presale will be ($132.600 /10.200.000 token =) $0,013.

The market opening price of $OCTGON will be 15% higher then presale price and will be $0,015.

The main goal of the $OCTAGON IKO is to raise funds for liquidity funding to have a stable project launch without pump and dump risk and provide market stability. 📈

The secondary goal of the $OCTAGON presale is to raise funds to increase marketing power and reach more investors in order to provide longevity and growth for the project.🚀🚀🚀

A rundown of the numbers 💰

Token distribution

Max supply 100%: 30.000.000 tokens

Core team tokens (locked) 10%: 3.000.000 tokens

Marketing wallet 28%: 8.400.000 tokens

Initial circulating supply 62% : 18.600.000 tokens

Liquidity 23%: 6.900.000 tokens

- Locked liquidity 20%: 6.000.000 tokens

- Treasury 3%: 900.000 tokens

Whitelist 5%: 1.500.000 tokens

Private sale 34%: 10.200.000 tokens

Initial marketcap at listing price: $279.000

Fully diluted marketcap at listing price: $450.000

The initial farming liquidity



Timeline 📅

We will post a series of blogs about the POLYDefi presale and the Koala Defi IKO launchpad to provide you with all the information you need!

23rd of September: A blog about the POLYDefi presale tokenomics

23rd of September at 4pm UTC: AMA in the

25th of September: Blog: A step-by-step guide and how to participate in the presale.

27th of September at 4pm UTC: The final POLYDefi presale AMA

28th of September at 9am UTC: POLYDefi PRESALE DAY

29th of September at 9am UTC: POLYDefi claim and launchday

For more information about POLYDefi please read our previous , or find all information including the roadmap on



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