Time to meet the koalas! We’ve been around for a while now without properly introducing ourselves! Of course many of you already know the team because we’re pretty active on social media, but for those that don’t know us yet, nice to meet you! With V2 around the corner we think you should know about us!

Let us introduce you to all of our team members

Jeff Hohner

Jeff, koala commander in chief, Hohner comes from the land of chocolate, beers and french fries! Ever since Jeff fell in love with crypto years ago he became totally addicted to everything blockchain related and never left. Jeff firmly believes in blockchain technology and the possibilities it offers for the financial system of the future.

We also call Jeff “The Batkoala”, he’s almost 24/7 around and chatting day and night when he’s not at work as a software engineer and project manager in the IT industry. Once we caught him handling more then 10 chats at the same time…

Sometimes we worry about Jeff, he rather reads blockchain explorers than books and sometimes thinks he lives in a country called Solidity. Jeff is always buys looking for ways to improve Koala Defi’s security and features.

Mathew aka MatGyver

Mathew, we like to call him MatGyver, comes from a small peaceful kingdom in the heart of Europa. If you need something done, call MatGyver!

He has been fiddling with technology since childhood. Nowadays he’s a real crypto addict and believes we’re just at the start of blockchain technology.

Even-though he’s mainly a developer, Mathew is also your safetyguide in defispace, knows how to handle infographics and does the best job explaining the technicalities behind Koala Defi in layman’s terms to the community. We don’t call him MatGyver for nothing!

If you want to keep your funds safe, make sure to read MatGyvers weekly safety recaps on the blog.

Karambitious Karani

Karani, our karambitious koala lives in a place where the humor is superdry, but the weather certainly isn’t, The Netherlands! Don’t feel sorry for Karani, he’s used to it and has a another place he calls home where the sun always shines and the baklavas are great.

As a part of the core marketing team, Karani knows to push the right buttons on social media.

Since Karani joined the Koala Defi team on april 7th it was love at first sight. We don’t call him Karambitious for nothing, have you seen Koala Defi’s social media?!


Better call Sil, you might have seen this raccoon around. Silfaster is a longtime crypto enthusiast from the Netherlands that started out as a early investor, fell in love with the project and soon after befriended the core koalas and became a part of the team.

Silfaster helps out with moderation, setting up community events and hosting the Koala Defi AMAs amongst other things.

We’re not even sure how to describe what he does, he’s just always around.
With his extensive experience in project management, marketing and innovation he’s always up to something. He’s the proud adoption daddy of Butters CZ the koala (through donation).


Raised in the country of chocolate (another chocolate country…), marmots and watches, KoaKoa found her warm and sheltered space at Koala Defi. With a daughter she has always nicknamed “my little koala”, how could she not end up with the koalas? It was destined to be. First as an investor, later as a part of the team.

With loads of experience as moderator in charge of several projects, Koala Defi is delighted to have KoaKoa as a team member. Not only can she answer all of your questions, she’s also an upcoming NFT artist, you might have come across her splendid work on twitter.

Did we mention KoaKoa has adopted the cutest little koala, Balmori Mini through donation?

Joey John

Meet Joey John
This software engineer from the tip of Africa got attracted to Koala Defi’s core values; integrity and transparency, and decided to join the team as a developer.

Have you seen the amazing stats page? Joey must be one of the fastest koalas ever! He managed to pull this off within a couple of days after joining the Koala Defi team.

Honestly, we’re not surprised he’s a coffee enthusiast. Imagine what he’s working on right now!


KoalaSheep, you might also know him as CryptoSheep is our Argentinian sheep amongst koalas that’s always in a good mood. Like most members of the team, KoalaSheep started out as a Telegram community member and soon became a teammember helping out the community as a moderator.

Behind the scenes KoalaSheep enriches the team with great ideas and helps out wherever he can.

Not only can KoalaSheep help you in English, his native language is Spanish! He can’t wait to answer your questions or wish you a good morning and night.

Bingomaster Maurits

Maurits, do we even have to introduce him?
Maurits is the one and only bingomaster from Koala Defi! Did you know he was the first defi live community bingo host? Wow!

Not only does he juggle his bingoballs in the biweekly Sunday #koalabingo, he’s also a great help to the community and team. With his allround defi project knowledge you might have seen him around.

As a multiple rugpull victim, he’s all about safety and learned a lot. You can always ask this friendly helpful koala anything! Just look for him in the Telegram group or sent him a DM.


Wiradjuri Koala says “G’day Mate. Crickey, ya gave me a Koala-ity Job”.

If you want to find him go along the riverbanks of Bungambrawatha(the Murray River) where you will find yourself in the land of the Wiradjuri.
Unfortunately, there are not many left in Wiradjuri lands. Let’s change that together with the KoalaDefi adoption!

Wiradjuri has a long career in the digital arts, branding and UX/Ui design, and is now helping the team out with his artistic skills and bushboy Ozzie slang and puns.


Isabella, has been around since the start of Koala Defi and is one of Koala Defi’s community
managers! If you joined our Telegram there’s a 99% chance she gave you a warm welcome and showed you around.

Based in Estonia, Isabella has years of experience as a professional problemsolver and community manager and comes up with the greatest ideas. If you have a question, expect a comprehensive answer!

She’s truly an allround koala!

Digital eagle

The latest addition to our team is the Digital Eagle.

Digital Eagle is one of the early investors in Koala Defi and runs an American cryptocurrency company specialized in education, community and development. We think it’s a match made in heaven!

You might have seen some of his excellent youtube videos about Koala Defi!

Because of his extensive defi knowledge the digital eagle is a great addition to the team.

We love to talk to our community members and get to know you better, so please say hi when you spot one of us! You can always ask us anything!

Telegram: https://t.me/koaladefichat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoalaDefi
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/koaladefi
Instagram: https://instagram.com/koaladefi

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