Nalis emission halving and maximum supply

A couple of weeks ago there was an important governance vote about the emission and taxes of Nalis, the results are in and the team has been working on new tokenomics for both Nalis and Lyptus.

In this blog we will present the first steps for Nalis. As per community vote, on the 7th of February the emission of Nalis will get halved and the transaction tax will be turned off. This means there will no longer be a 2% tax on every transaction and the number of Nalis created daily will drop by 50%.

Future Nalis Halvings

Starting February 7th there will be a halving governance vote every 90 days, gradually bringing the emission of Nalis down. Lyptus is KoalaDefis governance token and will be needed to vote.

This will mean Nalis will become a governance vote based capped token with a potential maximum supply of ~101 million tokens after 450 days if the community decides to half the emission of Nalis every 90 days.

In the next blog we’ll discuss the plans to bring more demand and utility to Nalis and the plans for Lyptus.



High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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