$Nalis transfer tax vote

Koala Defi is a community driven platform, to finalize the tokenomics and launch Version 2 on July 6th, we need your vote on the transfer tax that will be applied to $Nalis.

This transfer tax has two goals:

What does this mean?

Because there is no hard cap on $Nalis token, it’s an inflationary token (with a high burn mechanism).
This means tokens will get minted every BSC block. We will talk more about this in tomorrows blog about the tokenomics of $Nalis (but don’t worry about the emission rate, it will start at 2 $Nalis/Block and go down to 1 $Nalis/Block)

In order to create a strong deflationary mechanic (eating / burning tokens) $Nalis will have several build in eating (burning) mechanisms.

One of the deflationary mechanisms is the transfer tax.
Every transaction will get taxed and automatically eaten (burned) by this build in burn mechanism. 🔥

We need your vote on the exact transfer tax!
A higher transfer tax will help reduce the circulating supply of $Nalis and is an incentive to hold.

Do you need a full recap on the rest of the automatic burn mechanisms build in $Nalis? Read everything about it in our V2 medium blog.

How to vote?

Only true koalas can vote!

To be eligible to vote, you need $Lyptus in your wallet, farms or pools (unfortunately snapshot.org does not count bushes at the moment, we are looking into this, our apologies).

The more $Lyptus you have, the more power is your vote.

Voting is 100% free (even no gas BNB is required for that) 🆓️


Click here to open the snapshot.org $Nalis transfer tax vote or open:

Step by step guide

We made a step by step guide to make it easy to vote for everybody that is eligible! (Don’t miss the announcement at the bottom)

connect to snapshot with the wallet of your choice by clicking “connect wallet”

Choose your wallet and connect

Select the transaction fee (transfer tax) you think is best for $Nalis

Make your vote final by clicking “Vote”. Your vote can not be undone!

You did it! 🙏💪

Thank you for your vote, your opinion really matters! 👏❤

Tomorrow, we will post a blog about the tokenomics of $Nalis. 👀📖

Sunday the 4th of july there will be an AMA about the IKO launchpad and the launch of Version 2 in the Koala Defi telegram group (https://t.me/koaladefichat) 🚀

We are very excited for the launch of version 2 and hope you are too!


Together with you, our loyal investors, we are going to take the platform to the next level and become the most secure and most innovative defi platform around!

For more information about the presale of $Nalis and IKO launchpad please follow us on medium and be on the lookout for tomorrows blog!

Telegram: https://t.me/koaladefichat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoalaDefi
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/koaladefi
Instagram: https://instagram.com/koaladefi



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