NFK update 1: Time to stake and play

The first 100 NFKs have been sold, now it’s time to celebrate before the next round of NFK sales will begin next month!

October will bring a lot of utility to the NFKs and some new ways of becoming a NFK owner. Make sure to get your NFK while they’re still cheap and don’t worry, even though we won’t have another round of NFK sales this month, we will be selling 25 NFKs through multiple lotteries and have a MEGA contest where we will give away 3 NFKs to our loyal koalas.

If you already own a NFK, this month we will introduce staking, gaming, airdrops and more! And we’re just getting started!

In this blog we will give an overview of everything we will introduce to the NFKs this month.

NFK staking pools

Koalas love staking, so why not use your NFK to earn some sweet tokens?
How? Simply by staking your NFK in the first NFK staking pool that will open tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th of October around 6 pm UTC.

Tomorrow the first NFK pool token will get announced on Telegram and Twitter.

The pool share allocation for the NFKs will be:
tier 1 = 1 shares
tier 2 = 1.25 shares
tier 3 = 1.5 shares
tier 4 = 2 shares
tier 5 = 4 shares

In the future more NFK staking pools will get opened.

NFK lotteries

We were sad to hear a lot of koalas were not able to buy a NFK, so we are going to test a couple of new ways to sell the NFKs and give everybody an even chance of getting one.

The first new method that will be used will be the lottery.
The lottery will make it possible to give everybody a fair chance of getting a NFK, connection speed and gas fees will not matter.

In week 42 (next week) there will be 2 lotteries with each 5 NFKs.
The day before the first lottery we will post a blog how to participate in the lottery.

In week 43 there will be 3 lotteries with each 5 NFKs.

NFK play 2 earn

The first play 2 earn game, King of the Tree, will get launched at the end of this week.

Are you the king of the tree? If you think your NFK is the NFKing, try your luck in the battle for the top of the tree and claim your throne and the sweet rewards that the true NFKing deserves to receive. The king of the tree is a game that uses the feeding stats of your NFK to determine how strong, intelligent and agile you are and will give you a bigger chance to claim the tree and it’s sweet rewards.

Development on the play 2 earn games will continue and after the first arcade games we will introduce more games.

Koala Defi Arcade

Besides the NFK play 2 earn game, Koala Defi is building its own arcade with multiple unique games to test your intelligence, agility and/or reaction speed while having a chance to win some sweet prizes if you own a NFK.

The Koala Defi Arcade will be open to everybody and will host Koala Defi’s own game tournaments in the near future.

In the Koala Defi Arcade there will be games for everybody, we will build on a broad range of games and keep developing the current ones to create a perfect gaming experience. Who doesn’t want to earn with gaming?

The first Koala Defi Arcade game will be opened in week 42 (next week) and is called The Launch, can you keep the Koala rocket carrying the project launch tokens through space in one piece while collecting Lyptus and Nalis tokens?

(early preview)

The second game is scheduled one week later, keep an eye our for teasers on our social media.

NFK Marketplace

We will introduce the NFK marketplace before the end of next week.
The NFK marketplace will make it possible to buy and sell NFKs on the aftermarket on Koala Defis safe and secure platform. So if you were unlucky in the sales or lotteries, try your luck in the marketplace! We will make it very easy to buy and/or offer your NFKs.

There will be a small fee of 0,15% on NFK transactions on the marketplace that will get used for marketplace development and marketing.

NFK IKO airdrop

For the next IKO project launch we have allocated a part of the contribution fee to airdrop NFK holders. Being the owner of a NFK will give you the opportunity to either claim or receive a nice airdrop in tokens from the project that will get launched!

We expect to be able to announce the final project launch date for BabyBanana after the Paladin audit has finished. We have up to 30 dollars reserved for some of the rarest NFKs out there, the exact airdrop dates and distribution will get announced in a future blog after the next IKO launchpad project launch.

NFK giveaway contest

To celebrate the sale of the first 100 NFK we have decided to do a big giveaway of 3 NFKs with a gleam campaign.

The gleam campaign will start this week and will offer true supporters of the project a nice chance of winning one of the three unique and very exclusive Non Fungible Koalas (NFKs) we will give away in the last week of October.

All information will be available soon!
Join our Telegram or Twitter to stay up to date about this contest.

Always keep an eye out for our announcements on social media to stay up to date with the latest developments.






High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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Koala DeFi #BSC

Koala DeFi #BSC

High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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