PearZap AMA Transcript

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5 min readSep 6, 2021

On the 6th September, we held an AMA in our telegram main group with Mr Concorde from PearZap answering questions about their platform and everything coming to our partnership.

Here is the transcript done by our amazing KoaKoa (aka KoaMama😉) for all of who missed this great time and want to learn more about PearZap.

Silfaster :
Sooooo let’s go!

Welcome everybody to todays AMA with PearZap!

The fantastic @concorde_pear will join us today to bring us up to date with the latest PearZap news!

The chat will get muted for the first part of the AMA!

After the first part is done we will open the chat for community questions

So how are you doing today @concorde_pear ?

Mr. Concorde :
Doing great! It is very busy but i like it🤩
And how are you my man

Just fyi everybody, this ama is live so it could take a little longer for my response, sorry😘

Silfaster :
Exactly, no prewritten boring AMA but real questions with real answers!

I am doing absolutely great! Thanks for asking.

Some of you might remember Mr Concorde from the very succesful PearZap presale we did on Koala Defi a short while back

For those that don’t know you, can you give us a brief introduction about yourself and the PearZap project?

Mr. Concorde :
🍐⚡️PearZap Finance is a new secure yieldfarming project on the Polygon and BSC network.
That is striving to stand out from existing Yield farms with:

- high APRs on pools and farms
- a high focus on smart contracts security
- community input for important decision that need to be made
- innovative ideas: like “the garden” and a multichain NFT platform

PearZap its native token is called $PEAR as you probably know already😋

I am Mr concorde and i am one of the 2 marketing managers at PearZap.
I worked on big projects on the BSC network and now i am here to make PearZap a huge success.

In real live i own a personal training gym and gym supplements business

Silfaster :
That’s awesome! We all know a healthy body gives a healthy mind!

Mr. Concorde :
Owning it doesn’t mean anything tho😋

Silfaster :
So you guys are already crosschain with BSC?
That’s fantastic!
Let’s talk about it in a bit. First I’d love to focus on the growth these past two months.

Can you tell us a bit about the first 2 months of pearzap?

You guys went through an amazing growth and everytime I checked your announcements there was something new.

Mr. Concorde :
Tbh we never expected it all to go this fast.
We overdelivered on almost all roadmap features so far like deploying our Garden feature, integrating with the BSC Network and another thing to be released soon😉.

Because we overdelivered we needed to adjust our marketing plan as well and go full force ahead.
This is what we did and we tried to make sure that everybody in defi heard of PearZap.

I think we did very well in our first 2 months but we are far from satisfied.

Silfaster :
I must say, you guys did an amazing job!

And I love the honesty, no project should ever be fully satisfied, there’s always room to improve.

So what are the biggest lessons that you guys learned that you will apply in the future of PearZap?

Mr. Concorde :
We learned that we should be transparent and tell the community about EVERYTHING what we are doing.

We got a huge fud attack in our first weeks from rugdoc because we didn’t announce a pool that we had, which was for burning and preparing our BSC integration.

We managed to get over it but that was a huge lesson learned.

Everybody in our community knows whats up now and in major decisions they all have a vote.

Silfaster :
that’s great and how DECENTRALIZED finance should be!

So let’s go from the past to the future!

What does PearZap have in stock for us in the short- and longterm? What can we expect in September?

Mr. Concorde :
So short term we are looking for a fix on our bridge. The devs are drafting a proposal as we speak and we will put it to a vote to the community soon.

Also in September, we will release our autocompounding vaults. Which may come sooner than y’all think.

Long term we are working on our zapcenter casino feature and multi NFT marketplace platform.

I am sure there will be features popping up left and right along the way as well.

Silfaster :
Can you tell us about PearZap integrating BSC? When can we expect the bridge and what can we expect from PearZap on the BSC chain?

I heard there will be a SECOND garden for Nalis and KoalaDefi will have a second bush for Pear, on BSC? 🤯🤯🤯

Mr. Concorde :
Yess, so we have integrated into BSC with the help of our EVOdefi partners. But when we went live we noticed that a lot of people wanted to bridge from polygon to BSC and drained the bridge liquidity. Unfortunately we had to close down the bridge until we had more tokens to add to the bridge liquidity. This way 2 different price values were created and once we opened up the bridge again a bot drained the liquidity again and sold for bitcoin.

We are no drafting a permanent fix and the community will get to vote on the draft within a couple of days.

On the BSC network we will thrive, this is the house of the 2 PearZap marketing managers. We got a lot of contacts on the BSC network and we plan to hit them all up.

Silfaster :
So you are going to keep up the current tempo of adding partners? 🤯
Do you guys even rest?

Mr. Concorde :
I also heard something about a second garden and bush but this time on BSC, i think it is coming this friday?
Did you hear this as well?

Silfaster :
Yeah I heard some rumours in the bush!

Must have been a whispering koala and pear making sneaky deals!

Mr. Concorde :
Well i make sure i grab my sleep because i know how important sleep is to stay productive. On the other side we got BOSC who is our vampire pear and almost never sleeps.

Silfaster :
Keep it up guys!

Before we open the chat for community questions, do you have anything you want to address or add we haven’t talked about yet?

Mr. Concorde :
I just wanna say