Recap : Last 2 crazy weeks

Usually koalas are very calm and quiet, but the past 2 weeks have been wild LYPTUS weeks! 🐨♥️🌪

First we want to thank our great community for believing in us and making everything we have achieved together possible these past two weeks! We love your input, participation, enthusiasm and trust in us. 🙏

The immense growth we’ve been through makes us even want to worker harder on KoalaDefi then ever before and keep up this level of growth.

But before we talk about our future plans in another article, let’s look back at what happened these past two weeks.

So where to start?

The price of 1 LYPTUS token went up from $0,13 to $2,59 (highest point). The TVL grew from ~ $300k to ~ $5 million, the marketcap grew from ~$240K to ~ $4 million. 📈

The introduction of the bush is really turning out well. Our koalas seem to love the bush, these past two weeks we’ve distributed $23372 over the bush with the majority going for some sweet $BANANA. 🍌💸

ApeSwap : a never ending love story 🐨♥️🐵

Since KoalaDefi is part of the ApeSwap BUIDL program and wants to keep your investments as safe as possible, all LP’s (liquidity pairs) were moved to ApeSwap. Coincidentally this spared us Pancakeswap migration problems. We can proudly announce that after having migrated all liquidity we made the top 10 coins on ApeSwap exchange! 💪

You might have noticed our presence grew a lot on social media, not only do we give daily twitter updates, we are really building our community by constantly having giveaways, games and our weekly koala missions. Our Twitter and Telegram communities have grown a lot and big koala Jeff even featured on ApeSwaps’s ApeTV (

First Bingo party

We played the first live game of #KoalaBingo in our Telegram chat and it was a great success! We received an enormous amount of bingocards. 🎰

In total we gave away a grand total of 700 LYPTUS 🍃 tokens and a #KoalaBingo collectors edition NFT.

We hope everybody loved #KoalaBingo as much as we did!

We loved it so much that we will play #KoalaBingo again THIS SUNDAY may 9th. 🗓

You read that right! The second edition of #KoalaBingo is coming really soon! Thanks to TG member Ismael ♥️ we made some awesome changes to the bingocard to make it even easier for you to play. More about #KoalaBingo will be announced soon.

A bunch of other stuff

Behind the screens a team of koalas is constantly working on new functionality, website improvements, new content and finding new partnerships. 👷‍♂️🐨

We opened a new ETH bush where you can stake LYPTUS and earn ETH.

The values of LP pairs have been added for more user friendliness, we will continue working to give you the best insight on your stakes and stats.

We also applied for Ape Board listing with great help from our community. You can still vote for KoalaDefi on Ape Board, they can’t deny us with tons of votes! So please upvote our integration request over at Ape Board

New partners

These past two weeks we proudly added two new partners to this list,

JDIyield is creating a smart portal to increase convenience and security for BSC farmers.

Blink is the BSC version of Wink blockchain gaming and will offer a decentralized casino on BSC.

Community care : Koalas, we love you! 🐨♥️🐨

Because is a community driven project we love to hear your suggestions, needs, improvement proposals, advices and ideas. We opened a board at where you can help us build KoalaDefi with your suggestions or you can upvote other suggestions you think will help KoalaDefi grow.

Our community already has been helping us beyond our biggest dreams.

This past week a lot of people joined the Koaladefi ambassodar program and added to their names. This really helps Koaladefi a lot, we gained visibility all over Telegram thanks to you guys! 🙏🙏🙏

We would also like to thank our great community members that helped us add multiple new languages to the Koaladefi website. is now available in:

- English

- Spanish

- Chinese

- Taiwanese

- German

- French

- Dutch

- Indonesian

- Russian

Do you want to help us out and translate the website in your native language? You would help us out greatly and it will only take about 30 minutes. Contact one of our Koala moderators on Telegram or send us a DM on twitter if you want to help out.

What’s coming next ?

We will continue to give you updates every 2 weeks.

There are tons of updates coming!

In the meanwhile follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram announcement channel and Telegram chat



High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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