RugZombie AMA Transcript

On the 3rd September, we held an AMA in our telegram main group with Emperor Zombietine from RugZombie answering questions about their platform and everything coming to our partnership.

Here is the transcript done by our amazing KoaKoa (aka KoaMama😉) for all of who missed this great time and want to learn more about RugZombie.

Silfaster :
Welcome @emperor_zombietine, it’s a pleasure to have you over for this AMA!

How are you today?

Emperor Zombietine :
It’s truly great to be here. Been following koala chat for a while, very active and healthy 🙂

Silfaster :
I can’t wait to learn everything about your awesome project!
So let’s no longer keep our community waiting and lets start!

Silfaster :
For those that don’t know RugZombie yet, can you briefly describe your project and your team to our community?

Emperor Zombietine :
Hey sure!

RugZombie was created to turn people’s rugs/scams into something valuable. As defi grows, the risk for scams and rugs only increases. Part of this is the nature of decentralization itself.

We obviously can’t give people money for being scammed, but instead, we created an environment and platform that allows you to commemorate/commiserate the experience with a cool zombie NFT, hopefully a little catharsis on the blockchain.

We chose Zombies as our theme because they are cool, but also it is kind of what we are doing, we aren’t truly bringing rugs/hacks back to life, per se, but making them “undead” as it were.

More than this, we are offering many long term NFT use cases that we think will further restore value to victims of rugs hacks and scams.

Our team is a combo of primary devs, I’m more the business dev, and silverback is our lawyer, he’s kind of a big deal. We have a resident artist who did our koala NFT, and other than that we have some contract devs who are long term and many artists that we are work with regularly.

most of our contract devs by the way are only called such because they were not here at the start, they ar every much long term partners

Silfaster :
What? A Koala NFT?

Can you show us?

Emperor Zombietine :
Of course one moment.

Silfaster :
Oooohhhh I’m already excited! Don’t make me call your manager!

Emperor Zombietine :
Her name is nightmare fuel karen (nfk).

She would like to speak with your manager.

Silfaster :


Emperor Zombietine :
Some of our art as you can tell is quite horrific, but so is being rugged so…

Silfaster :
Compliments to the artist!

Emperor Zombietine :
He’s truly awesome.
Very new to NFT but very gifted in visual/paint.

Silfaster :
And really awesome to hear you are helping out people that have been rugged or scammed!

Every rug is one rug too many!
Can you tell us how you help out investors that have been rugged or scammed?

Emperor Zombietine :
This is our primary use case.

If you have a rug, theoretically we can list a GRAVE for it.
A user unlocks the grave, deposits the rug as a verification only, and then stake a minimum amount of $ZMBE and after a certain amount of time, they farm an NFT for the rugged token.
We obviously can’t use rugs that have zero value for staking, so we get around this by using zombie as the staking token.

Not all rugs are worth pursuing, we have to be careful about the contracts, and do some due diligence measures before we list them.

For example :

We looked at the emperor token contract (EMPR) and were unsure about the contract because of some reports we had heard, so instead we issued our own token $ZMBE and simply airdropped to all EMPR holders so they did not incentive interacting with the rugged contract

This isn’t necessary for all rugs, esp. if they have renounced ownership and locked liquidity, but we have to review on a case by case basis.

Silfaster :
Can anybody suggest a grave?
Are there special requirements to request a grave?

Emperor Zombietine :
Anyone can suggest one at however we can’t garauntee we will list it.
There is a process for it.
We do plan to add some fun ways to collect grave ideas in the future though 🙂

Some of the considerations we have to make is the nature of the rug (make sure it is actualy a rug and not a small token that is getting FUD), some of our due diligence measures, how many holders, and cost of the art etc.

If someone wants us to list a grave for a token that only had 25 holders, it will be hard to justify it because of the cost of the art etc.

Silfaster :
That makes total sense!

Of course I’ve checked out your website and besides the graves saw a couple of other options to stake or earn.

Can you tell us about the tombs, spawning pools, mausoleum and the graveyard on your website?

Emperor Zombietine :
Of course!

These are the bread and butter; check out if you have one of our rugged GRAVES and stake to earn the NFT + a yield in $ZMBE. I want to clarify that just because you don’t have a rug doesn’t mean you can’t stake. We have some options for you…

We tongue and cheek listed a $BUSD grave because iNfLaTiOn…

And we have $ZMBE only graves called multipliers. Simply, the NFT you earn, you can then sacrifice to get a higher yield in another grave 🙂

This is just our liquidity pairs. they offer the highest yield, so if people are not NFT people they can really enjoy the benefit of higher apr here.

We have plans for minitombs coming later, the idea is to list rugs that have their pair with $BNB so that we can pull the $BNB value out of the rug and siphon it to users. Tokenomically it is interesting, but we are battle testing the idea currently for exploits.

Spawning Pools :
These are NOT rugs, but are active projects. In fact, this is where our KOALA pool will be. In addition to earning partner tokens like $NALIS, users will earn the NFT along with it! It’s a fun way to add some value to a traditional “syrup pool”.

This is my favorite part of our platform right now.

Mausoleum :
This is our auction house where we release 1/1 NFTs that will be highly valuable due to rarity.
We originally were using our LP pair as the bid tokens, but this got to be confusing for users, so we are switching to $BNB for our next auction.

We have done 2 auctions and have one scheduled for beginning of next week!

Graveyard :
This is a simple NFT viewer.
We have some other partners who are developing some things with us, but we needed something where you can view the graveyard of rugs you own 🙂
Just wait for v2 of this, it’s going to be amazing.

Walletnow is one of our partners, and they will have their NFT index tool available soon as well!

Silfaster :
I love how you gave your NFTs functionality!

Emperor Zombietine :
Thanks! We are trying 🙂

Silfaster :
I already love the current version!
Let me guess, the inevitable Thanos Ape has to do with our great partner ApeSwap right?

Emperor Zombietine :
That is correct.

Silfaster :
Love to see our KarenKoala join him!

Emperor Zombietine :
Yes Karen is going to be legend….wait for it… dary !

Silfaster :
So can you tell us a bit more about those great zombified NFTs?
How are we able to get them and how can they be used?

Emperor Zombietine :
Of course!
All our NFTs are commissioned by various artists (we pay them exorbitantly lol).
We do them customized for the rugged token and take care to make them look really good.
The only way to obtain them is through our NFT farms where you stake zombie.

Each grave is limited time as well, and we reduce emissions on a schedule so the incentive to get the NFT early is high.
Eventually we will retire the graves so that their rarity is kept in tact.

We have a schedule that basically the longer the grave is listed, the lesser the $ZMBE rewards (to make room for higher apr on new graves) but the NFT still available, before finally closing it.

The great and honorable @nams has joined us

About the NFTs: They are going to be used in our games that are forthcoming!
We have a few mini games planned, but mostly our focus is on the “big game” that we are developing.
Tentative title I came up with, but haven’t run by the team is “zom”.
The mechanics are mostly worked out and we are doing some playtesting currently before we deploy a playtesters club for beta.

Silfaster :
That sounds awesome, if you need testers, feel free to slide in my DM emperor!😏

This all sounds like a well thought out plan!

Emperor Zombietine :
We will!
We will pubically announce this; because of the nature of our game, we will likely require some form of NDA from all play testers, but if people can get over that it will be a fun season of our platform 🙂

@nn_mss is our primary dev, born from the blockchain itself, his mitachlroian count is quite high.

Silfaster :
That sounds more than fair! I’ll keep an eye out for your announcements!

Ohh welcome @nn_mss join the green side! 🍃🍃🍃

This brings us to our final team question already! Time flies when you’re getting schooled on great projects!

you guys have a roadmap filled to the brim! Can you give us an idea what to expect from RugZombie in the short, and the long term?

Emperor Zombietine :
Yes of course!

We have a lot going on.

We have a lot of features coming.
Our blackmarket/catacombs has been confirmed…
I won’t say any more 🙂
I have heard people trade rugs down there?
But zombies don’t trust the humans that live down there.

We have some ideas for the graveyard coming (v2), some cross chain plans, and some fairly ambitious merchandising plans/partners, of course the game…

We have a longterm roadmap that has our game beta in first quarter of 2022.

In the short term, we try to focus on feature by feature.
Currently we are finishing up our audit and then will be releasing our referral mechanism and opening the catacombs which will both be fairly unique in the space.


We have a BURN GRAVE SERIES we are working hard on…technically….you are going to want these NFTs.

(dropping hints here)

Silfaster :
That sounds so great!
I’m so excited it took me 3 times to edit 😅 I hope nobody noticed

Emperor Zombietine :
No problem…the world is not anymore the way it used to be.
Ok ill stop with the hints.

Silfaster :
So true!

So before we open the chat for some community questions, I’d like to add 2 things

This sunday we will be having a great RugZombie partnerbingo!
The announcement and tickets will be up tonight, so keep an eye out for the announcement and join the bingo, we have some fantastic prizes for you!

Koala Defi will supply you with a unique NFT, want a little preview?

And can you @emperor_zombietine tell our community what you have in stock for them in the bingo? Can we share a nice prize?

Emperor Zombietine :
Of course!
We are obvious going to give out a ZMBE prize 🙂
Gotta keep zombifiying the blockchain you know.

Silfaster :
That’s so awesome! To celebrate it, we’re working on a little zombified prize for all the winners of the bingo too!

A koala zombie !

Emperor Zombietine :
I can’t wait, I want that one. Our is grotesque. This one is cute.

Silfaster :
and second of all, I saw you guys have some BIG SHOT friends!

I just had to share this with our community, this is TREMENDOUS!

Awesome job!

Are you ready for some questions from our community?

Emperor Zombietine :
Haha yes. Truly great, huge.

Ready for community!
Execute order 66

Silfaster :

Question from J. Marin :
Many Partners and many big names. How will these and potential future partners help the growth and vision of RugZombie?🙂

Emperor Zombietine : I think most of our partnerships help expand the brand of RugZombie to new user bases. We like our product, we think others will too. As we engage more communities through natural partnerships we benefit by adding users and growing organically.

Once our game is deployed, we think we will have partners lining up around the block to get exclusive cards in our game 🙂

Question from Kaisen :
Smart contracts are prone to bugs, and even recently three major new DeFi projects fell victim to them, draining users’ funds. efficient and secure your smart contracts, and have you audited them externally? Do you have plans to BURN, Buyback or Locked Tokens to increase their value?

Emperor Zombietine : @nn_mss this is an important one to answer I think

Nams : Agreed many projects on bsc has become victims of exploits due to bugs and not thoroughly tested code. This is why we forked pancakeswap’s code without making changes to the staking logic and thoroughly tested the parts where change was needed, we took a very defensive approach when creating the contract. We’ve done a techrate audit and our Hashex audit will be completed over the next few days. Regarding tokenomics our staking contract uses unlock fees and early withdrawal fees to perform buyback and burns and early withdrawal fees on our tombs lock LP.

Question from Yamato :
Many projects are just projects that make deceptive promises created by cloning existing ones and are similar to existing ones. Do you have features that are unique to you, that you have developed and that make you special?

Emperor Zombietine : Yes we have a lot of features! I think our core GRAVE feature is fairly unique. Also our focus on farming NFTs and our upcoming CATACOMBS and referral system are going to be unique as well 🙂

Question from TwilighSparkle :
Hey guys, I wish you a good and successful colleboration! NFT + gaming are getting more and more attention over the course of months in 2021. What do you think, will this industry heading to big gaming cooperations as well? Can you imagine cooperations with Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Naughty DOGS …etc?
In mobile applications already there are in game coins what you can use to improve the gaming experience. Will the crypto + nft replace that?

Emperor Zombietine : This one is a great question! Very perceptive. Gaming will move to NFT in the long term. We are all early in this. Imagine a fully tokenized gaming industry where your assets in game actually belong to you 🙂 That is the direction. I think realistically these larger partners have the resources to begin deploying things now, but they are all new to the space, they will need partners like RugZombie and others who know the space well.

Crypto +NFT will definitely replace or supplement in game currencies.

Question from Loura Timoty :
What are the key milestones on your roadmap — both things you have already achieved and things that we can look forward to? Any partnerships and short/long term technical milestones that you want to talk about or bring some attention to?

Emperor Zombietine : I love talking about milestones! Our initial launch, and audits are some good milestones. I also think TVL and Mcap are great economic health indicators. We have abour 2/3 of all ZMBE locked in staking contracts. A good portion of the remainder is in LP. I think our community loves to hold 🙂

Apeswap BUIDL partnership was a pretty big one too!

The next few milestones are feature related for us, our catacombs, referral system etc.

in addition, we did most of our marketing organically through community, partnerships etc. I think this speaks a lot to the value of what we have. We have spent very little on paid marketing spots and are tying to earn the press.

Question from Norsts :
How many zombies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Great AMA!!

Emperor Zombietine : he gets me…this one is easy. zombies don’t screw in lightbulbs. They get interns to do that.



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