🛡Safety tips (recap week 20)


If you are present in our awesome telegram channel, you may have seen the safety tips , you will find in this article a summary for the week 20.

🛡Keep your cryptocurrency holdings private

You may be proud of an investment you’ve made in a cryptocurrency, many investors brag of their holdings and successes.

Stealing cryptocurrency looks attractive for both criminals and hackers due to their anonymous nature. In case of money stolen from a bank account, it can usually be tied to an entity and retrieved, but cryptocurrencies cannot be traced to an identity.

Therefore, you must never tell anyone how much cryptocurrency you hold.

🛡Keep track of latest developments and scams

You need to constantly monitor the latest news that could affect your crypto wallet.

Here are some accounts in example that you can subscribe to to keep up with the latest news:



🛡Don’t store all of your money in an exchange

Over the years, some crypto exchanges have fallen victim to hacking attacks and other security concerns. This resulted in the freezing or, worse yet, the loss of several of their user accounts.

That is why there is no guarantee that your tokens can be stored securely on a crypto exchange platform. It should be stored in a private wallet.

In a previous tip, we advised you to use a hardware Ledger key but other alternatives exist

🛡 Decentralized Insurance on Binance Smart Chain

Where are the risks, insurance can come in handy, even in the DeFi markets!

The growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) market has been remarkable in the past twelve months, highlighting the demand for new types of digital financial products and services.

Several insurance solutions exist including Helmet Insure, Soteria, Squirrel.Finance & UnoRe.

And you, do you use these platforms to insure your funds? Do you know other solutions of this type? Leave us your feedbacks

🛡 Define your strategy

Avoid FOMO!

It’s important to define a strategy, whether it’s short or long term, whether aggressive or passive. But the most important thing is to stick to your strategy, whatever the market.

See you next time!

The KST (Koala Security Team)



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