The Bush… yes again a new evolution #BUIDLBSC


A brief post about a new feature at

Did you notice what’s special with our last released Bush ? 👀

If you don’t know what’s a Bush at Koala DeFi, you can start reading these articles :

On 11th May, we released a new Bush to celebrate our new partnership with 💪

This new Bush has something special… for the first time, you can stake one tokens and earn two different tokens : Stake $LYPTUS and earn $SEED & $TREE. 😍

It double the fun!

This Bush work with a new contract called Bush V1.5 which allow us to distribute 2 tokens in the same time! This is a new innovation in our Bush system brought with love by the Koala Team! 🐨❤️🐨

This also enable more fun in the future because we could easily imagine a new Bush to earn for e.g. : BUSD+BNB or BTC+ETH, … 💰💰💰

Security first 🔐

As all of our previous contract, this Bush V1.5 has successfully passed a security audit! 🏆 We want to keep our koalas safe!

You can find the audit into our documentation here

We hope you enjoy it! See you soon for more fun!

High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas