The NFK drops start, airdrop time!

Time to unlock another great feature for NFK holders, the NFK Drops!

The NFK drops will get NFK owners airdrops for all Initial Koala Offering project launches. This means you will get a small amount of tokens of every project Koala Defi launches if you are the owner of a NFK. Airdrops are a great way to discover new projects and be an early investor.

The first airdrop to NFK holders will be for BabyBanana!
If your NFK is currently staked in a pool or occupied in a game, you will need to unstake the NFK to claim the airdrop. Of course you can restake it or continue your game right after the airdrop. The airdrop amount is based on the tier of your NFK.

(pending reward in the image is fictional)

To claim your airdrop, go to the “Drops” section on the NFK page and you will see the airdrop waiting for you! Simply click the “Claim Drop” button, accept the wallet transaction and you will receive your airdrop shortly!

You will have until 12:00 GMT (UTC) on the 8th of November to claim your tokens. Click here to watch the block countdown

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