V1 to V2 transition : All the details!

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3 min readJul 4, 2021

Here are the details about the coming update from V1 to V2

You probably already know about the coming Koala DeFi version 2, if not or if you’re new here, welcome 😘 and check this blogpost with all V2 details first !

Let’s start with the planning first 🗓

When V2 ?

Very soon koalas! ⏰🚀

NALIS IKO (Initial Koala Offering) starts this 5th July at 7 am UTC and runs for 24 hours.

V2 launches on 6th of July at 7 am UTC with NALIS liquidity available and farms/pools opened! Ready to stake your fresh acquired NALIS just after the end of the IKO! 😉

What will be available at V2 launch?

Inside the new UI (user interface) of V2, you will find all existing farms and pools to earn LYPTUS + new farms and pools to earn NALIS. 🤩

All at the same place, no need to switch back to V1 to manage your actual assets!

Existing Bushes to stake LYPTUS will be available also directly inside V2.

V1 will stay available at https://v1.koaladefi.finance/ just in case of… 😉 You know we love security and smooth transition!

Let’s start first with the new farms and pools to earn NALIS. 🐨🚀

New farms and pools

Version 2 will launch with those farm and pools available directly 🚀 :


  • LYPTUS-BUSD farm : stake your actual LYPTUS-BUSD APE LP to earn NALIS
  • LYPTUS-BNB farm : stake your actual LYPTUS-BNB APE LP to earn NALIS
  • NALIS-BUSD farm : stake new NALIS-BUSD APE LP to earn NALIS
  • NALIS-BNB farm : stake new NALIS-BNB APE LP to earn NALIS
  • USDC-BUSD farm stake your actual USDC-BBUSD APE LP to earn NALIS


  • LYPTUS pool : stake LYPTUS to earn NALIS
  • NALIS pool : stake NALIS to earn NALIS
  • BTC pool : stake BTCB to earn NALIS
  • ETH pool : stake ETH to earn NALIS
  • BNB pool : stake WBNB to earn NALIS
  • ADA pool : stake ADA to earn NALIS

What about actual LYPTUS farm and pools ?

You already know that we’ll end the emission (minting) of LYPTUS after the version 2 launch!

The goal is to reach 0 new LYPTUS minted with a maximum circulating supply of 4,300,000 LYPTUS. Then the circulating supply of LYPTUS will be reduced continuously with the burn 🔥 mechanisms included into version 2.

Here is how we will make the end of LYPTUS emission :

  • 📢 On the 6th of July around 9 AM UTC (two hours after V2 launch), we will reduce LYPTUS emission rate to 0.5 LYPTUS per block
  • 24 hours later, on the 7th of July around 8 AM UTC, we will reduce LYPTUS emission rate to 0.25 LYPTUS per block.
  • Finally, on the 8th of July around 8 AM UTC, we will reduce LYPTUS emission to 0 LYPTUS per block and no more LYPTUS will ever be minted in the future! 😳 The maximum circulating supply will start decreasing at this time. 📉
  • On the same time (8th of July around 8 AM UTC), farms and pools to earn LYPTUS will be set inactive. All your deposits will stay available in these farms and pools as long as you want, no rush to remove them. But no more LYPTUS rewards will be distributed, it means that the APR will be equal to 0% for these legacy farms and pools.

What about the LYPTUS Bushes ?

If you’re a bush lover and have some LYPTUS stacked in, there’s absolutely nothing to do for you! 😴

All LYPTUS bushes will continue in version 2 with no change.

We will introduce changes into the bushes later after the version 2 launch and we’ll also add NALIS bushes soon.

We will come soon with more details about these changes but, no stress, it will be announced. 😉 The changes we’ll introduce is to use more double bushes 🤑 (e.g. : stake LYPTUS and earn BUSD + BNB)

What about security?

All new V2 smartcontracts are actually under a security audit by Techrate and should be available just before the launch! 🐨❤🔒

More questions, worries about this transition? 🤔

We will have an AMA this 4th of July at 3:30 PM UTC in our telegram chat to answer your questions during 30 min before the first NALIS BINGO party ! 🎉