What’s coming to Koala Defi in Amazing August

Are you ready for Amazing August in this #hotdefisummer? 🔥

We know things have been a bit quiet these past 2 weeks since the massive success of the PearZap presale (sold out in 8 minutes). But we’ve been busy buidling and evaluating behind the scenes, in this blog we will tell you about some of the great things we will launch on Koala Defi in August. 🚀

Let’s start with the 2 biggest new features coming to Koala Defi, going multi chain by integrating the Polygon chain and the release of the NFKs, Koala Defi’s own gamified functional NFTs.

This amazing August we will launch our biggest marketing campaign till now to put a spotlight on Koala Defi and bring in new investors to the platform.🏆

Polygon integration

Within the first 2 weeks of August Koala Defi will go multi chain and will add the Polygon chain to the platform. We will start bridging Nalis token to the Polygon chain to open up the platform for Polygon yieldfarming in the second week of August. There will be high APR exclusive Nalis farms and pools to earn tokens on the Polygon chain.
Later today we will post a blog about how Koala Defi is integrating the Polygon chain and how you will be able to start earning on the Polygon Chain.

At the launch of Koala Defi Polygon, the BSC farms will also get a nice APR boost! 💰

Non Fungible Koalas (NFK)

The other big thing that is coming to Koala Defi in August are the Non Fungible Koalas (NFK), our own NFTs with loads of functionality and gamification that will give you great benefits and an active way to earn tokens. 🕹
The NFKs are scheduled for week 4 of august and we will be teasing and giving you more news about them the entire month, so keep an eye out for news, announcements and blogs.

Big charity donation

In August, Koala Defi will be gifting it’s first big donation to save koalas and their environment. The past month 10% of all deposit fees went to a special charity wallet that will be used to do some big donations to organizations that take care of koalas and their habitat. The content of the charity wallet will be combined with the onlykoalas.com wallet for the donations. Koala Defi is looking forward to plant a lot of eucaLYPTUS trees and help to take care of as many koalas as possible through adoption. Of course we will share everything when the time is ready. On behalf of the koalas we would like to thank all of our investors for making this possible.

A bigger and better Koala Bingo

One of our favourite games is now getting better! Not only will we play more KoalaBingo (weekly!), we also gave the game a big visual upgrade with a twitch live stream to accompany the Telegram Koala Bingo playroom!
Starting august we will play bingo every Sunday! The 3rd bingo of the month will be the Feeding Frenzy bingo with an entrance fee of 100 Lyptus with huge prizes and a nice feast for the koalas (burning Lyptus). Sunday the 8th of August we’re playing the second partner bingo with great prizes. 🎊

New exciting partnerships

There will be at least 2 new partnerships with other great Defi projects in August. The first one has just been teased on social media and we have more partnerships in store for you. A partnership will bring in new investors and offer a chance to earn their tokens on Koala Defi. Sunday the 8th of August we will play a fantastic partner bingo with this new mysterious partner with great prizes and tons of fun! 🐨❤️🤠

New IKO launchpad project launches

We are currently in talks with multiple great projects that would like to launch their project on the Koala Defi IKO launchpad. We aim for the last week of august or first week of September for another great project launch on the IKO launchpad with benefits for Lyptus holders. Stay tuned for more news! 🚀

We’re looking forward to an Amazing blazing hot August this #defisummer!🔥


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