How to use Koala Defi on Polygon chain

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3 min readJul 15, 2021

Because PearZap is a Polygon based project, the IKO launchpad will only be available on the Polygon side of Koala Defi.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to configure your wallet for the Polygon chain and to join the presale on
Remember, to use Polygon you need some Matic for gas fees.

How to configure your wallet for the Polygon chain

To make configuring your wallet for the Polygon chain as easy as possible, we’ve built an automated configuration script. Simply follow the steps below to add Polygon to your wallet.

In your browser click on your wallet address and toggle the BSC / Polygon switch, the first time you do this, your wallet will ask permission to configure the Polygon chain. After you have permitted the configuration you’re good to go and ready for Koala Defi on Polygon.

The BSC side of Koala Defi has an orange colored switch and border around your wallet address and the Polygon side will have a purple color.

Mobile users can click on the bottom menu to open the menu with the BSC / Polygon switch. Simply toggle the switch and you will switch between the BSC and the Polygon Chain. The color of the switch shows you wether you’re on the BSC (orange) or Polygon (purple) side.

Setting up your wallet manually

If you’re having trouble configuring your wallet automatically, you can add the Polygon chain manually to your favorite wallet with the settings below:

Network Name: Polygon

  • New RPC URL: or or or or or
  • ChainID: 137
  • Symbol: MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL:

If you are having troubles configuring your wallet, please join us on Telegram so we can help you.

Timeline 📅

We will post a series of blogs about PearZap, Polygon and the Koala Defi IKO launchpad to provide you with all the information you need!

Friday the 16th of July we will post a blog about safety and security on Polygon.

Saturday the 17th of July we will post a step by step guide how to use the IKO launchpad for the PearZap presale on our medium blog and announce it on social media, so make sure to follow @koaladefi on twitter or join our @koaladefichat Telegram group to stay up to date.

Sunday the 18th of July we will have a final $PEAR presale AMA before the #KoalaBingo (special $PEAR edition!). The AMA will start at 3:30pm UTC and both teams will be available for all your questions regarding the AMA.

For more information about PearZap and Polygon please read our previous blogs “Let’s talk about Polygon, PearZap and the IKO launchpad” and “Let’s talk $PEAR numbers” or find all information including the roadmap on