Let’s talk $PEAR presale numbers ⚡️

Monday the 19th of July at 9am UTC the PearZap presale will begin on the Koala Defi Initial Koala Offering (IKO) launchpad on .

The presale for $PEAR will last for 24 hours starting the 19th of July at 9am UTC and is on a first come first serve base. This means there is no allocation and no whitelist, make sure to be in time if you want to participate in the presale. ⏰

After the 24 hours have passed on the 20th of July at 9am UTC you can claim your tokens in the IKO launchpad.

Because PearZap is a Polygon chain project, the presale will be in USDC.
Tomorrow we will post a blog how to get your wallet ready for Polygon on Koala Defi. 🚀

There will be a 5% contribution fee that will be used to buy back Lyptus tokens on the BSC chain and eat (burn) them. 🔥🍃🔥

The minimum contribution to the $PEAR presale is $50 USDC, the maximum contribution to the presale is $1000 USDC.

The goal of the presale is a total fund raise of $80.000.

There will be a total of 160.000 $PEAR tokens available in the presale. The presale price of 1 $PEAR token in the presale will be ($80.000 / 160.000 token =) $0,50.

The market opening price of $PEAR will be 25% higher then presale price and will be $0,63.

The main goal of the $PEAR IKO is to raise funds for liquidity funding to have a stable project launch without pump and dump risk and provide market stability. 📈

The secondary goal of the $PEAR presale is to raise funds to increase marketing power and reach more investors in order to provide longevity and growth for the project.🚀🚀🚀

A rundown of the numbers 💰

Token distribution

  • IKO : 40%
  • Liquidity funding : 40%
  • Marketing : 20%

Breakdown of the liquidity funding 🔐

  • Locked liquidity for 6 months on an audited contract at pearzap.com : 70%
  • Treasury : 25%
  • Development : 5%

The initial farming liquidity

  • PEAR — MATIC : 60%
  • PEAR — USDC: 40%

Timeline 📅

We will post a series of blogs about PearZap, Polygon and the Koala Defi IKO launchpad to provide you will all the information you need!

Thursday the 15th of July we will post a blog how to configure your wallet for Polygon on Koala Defi.

Saturday the 17th of July we will post a step by step guide how to use the IKO launchpad for the PearZap presale on our medium blog and announce it on social media, so make sure to follow @koaladefi on twitter or join our @koaladefichat Telegram group to stay up to date.

Sunday the 18th of July we will have a final $PEAR presale AMA before the #KoalaBingo (special $PEAR edition!). The AMA will start at 3:30pm UTC and both teams will be available for all your questions regarding the AMA.

For more information about PearZap and Polygon please read our previous ”, or find all information including the roadmap on .





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