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11 min readJul 11, 2021

On the 11nd of July, we held an AMA in our main telegram group with Mr. Concorde from PearZap answering questions about their platform and everything coming to our potential future partnership and the IKO presale.

Read all about PearZap, Polygon and the IKO launchpad vote here

Here is the transcript done by our amazing KoaKoa (aka KoaMama, one of our Koagirls 😉) for everybody that missed this great time and wants to learn more about PearZap.

Spanish translation
French translation

Silfaster : Welcome to the Koala Defi x PearZap AMA!

This is a big one Koala friends!

Today we will be talking to PearZap, a new partnering project that is going to launch on Polygon in the second half of July and wants the use the Initial Koala Offering (IKO) launchpad. After the AMA a social media poll will be launched on Telegram and Twitter to vote if Koala Defi should launch PearZap.

We have already given you some insight on Polygon, PearZap and the potential IKO in a medium blog post.

The benefit for Koala Defi will be a big boost in Polygon development and our first steps on Polygon! Did you know some big Polygon newsoutlets on twitter have already picked up the scoop and tweeted about Koala Defi on Polygon?

Today we will learn more about PearZap and Polygon, we will start with some team questions first, after the team questions the chat will be unmuted and you have the chance to ask the team of PearZap anything you want to know about the project, launch and Polygon.

Normally we pick 5 questions from the audience to have answered by the AMA partner, today we will answer as many questions as possible because this vote is important for the growth of Koala Defi and we want our investors to make the best choice.

Welcome Mr. Concorde are you ready sir?

We’re looking forward to a great and informative AMA with PearZap today

Mr. Concorde : Hell yeah i am!! Hello Koalas, how are you all doing. First of all I am very happy to be here and i want to thank all of you for having PearZap over for this AMA for a potential IKO on polygon today😇

Silfaster :
Awesome Mr. Concorde ! We love having you here!

Let’s dive into PearZap right away!

I’m sure the koalas are very curious what PearZap is and who you are and who’s in the PearZap team? Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Mr. Concorde :
Sure i can!

So I am Mr. Concorde. I am one of the 2 marketing managers. I am a crypto enthousiast since the beginning of 2017 and I have experience from working on Big projects on the BSC network.

I run the marketing part together with Bosc. I worked with Bosc on various projects and the guy is a true marketing legend.

On to the development team, which exists out of Jay and Andrew. Both of these geniuses have a background on the Ethereum network.

Andrew is the owner of PearZap😎

Together we are a perfect fit. We are capable of combining our experiences from ETH and BSC to start something amazing on the Polygon network.

Silfaster :
That sounds great! So you guys have an experienced team and are not new to crypto!

Can you tell us what PearZap is all about? Can you give us a little summary on the project?

Mr. Concorde :
Yeah we are very experienced, which in my opinion is very much needed if setting up a serious project.

🍐⚡️PearZap Finance will be a new yieldfarming project on the Polygon Chain. The idea of the Pearzap project was born out of the idea of bringing innovation to the current ecosystem.

We are striving to stand out from existing Yield farmings with:

  • high APRs on pools and farms
  • a very high focus on smartcontracts security
  • votes for certain decisions to be made
  • innovative ideas: like “the garden” and a multichain NFT platform (you can read more about this in our roadmap)

BUIDL is our motto, because crypto moves fast and developments will keep the hype going, we have to remain creative throughout the adventure and keep BUILDING.

Silfaster :
Another project that focuses on security! Personally I think that’s what Defi really needs at the moment after a period full of rugpulls and exploits. 🙌

Mr. Concorde :
I can not agree with you more👌

Silfaster :
So you will launch the project on Polygon, very interesting since we were already focused on Polygon integration in Q3!

We already gave our community some information on Polygon in our latest blog, but can you tell us the benefits of the Polygon Chain and why it was PearZaps first choice?

Mr. Concorde :
We chose to build and launch on Polygon first, because it has the fastest and cheapest decentralized transactions in the space.

We believe the future lies in layer 2 (another word for the Polygon network) both in terms of fees and scaling. We also believe that layer 2 will be the catalyst for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. As you can see in the medium that was released by the koala team earlier, there is still a lot of growth possible for Polygon.

The current price for a transaction on Polygon (Matic) (layer 2) is $0.000076897. Even with 10000 transactions, you still won’t pass 1 USD. It is unmatched. Pearzap will be the most profitable place to stake/farm tokens on the polygon network

We are striving to be one of the biggest projects on polygon within 6 months

Loads of terms for the polygon network lol

Silfaster :
Did you make a typo?

Is $0.000076897 for real? That would be pearfect!

Mr. Concorde :
I see what you did there hahaha. yeah it is so cheap!

Koala and pearzap would make a great pear🤪

Silfaster :
Amazing! I thought BSC was pretty cheap after coming from Eth defi….

Thanks for giving us some information about Polygon!
Back to PearZap.

What are some of your platform use cases?

Mr. Concorde :
Regarding platform usecases:

  • We will start with deploying pools and farms on our website app. This is where you can stake your $PEAR or LP to earn partner tokens.
  • We will also release a new feature called: “the garden” which will be a staking pool in which you will be able to earn 2 tokens by just staking 1 token.
  • We want to create an NFT marketplace and release our own NFT series.

Of course this all sounds really good but the most important is the $PEAR token utility. $PEAR has the following utilities:

✔️ Automatic high burn mechanism
✔️ Token holders redistribution
✔️ Anti whale system
✔️ Anti bot system
✔️ Multichain token
✔️ Access to unique PearZap features and contest
✔️ Referral earnings for you friends earnings
✔️ Automatic distribution to the lottery pot
✔️ Auto-compounding
✔️ Ready for vault strategies
✔️ DAO token
✔️ Yieldfarming token
✔️ Capped supply to maximum 60.000.000 tokens
✔️ Controlled and programmed emission rate (token minting per block)
✔️ Manual burn mechanism on special events and when needed

Small bookwork for y’all😇😘

Silfaster :
Don’t get me started! I won’t stop! Call me Shakes-pear

That’s great! To summarize it, a community based token with great tokenomics and build in burn mechanisms! Correct?

And a pretty low max supply!

Mr. Concorde :
Correct! Plus multiple utilities which in my personal opinion is one of the most important aspects on a token.

Silfaster :
A lot of good ideas! Sounds like a lot of thought and work already went into the project!

Can you briefly describe the top milestones and some of the roadmap?

Mr. Concorde :
for the roadmap you can see the previous answer. I have two additions to the previous answer tho. We will also launch our very own gambling ZapCenter, with lottery, money wheel, slot machines and more. We will also migrate to the BSC network soon.

Our greatest milestone so far is getting a Certik audit done before launch. The audit results should come in soon😇

Silfaster :
What is the purpose of the gambling center besides having fun and gambling? Will it be used to burn tokens?

Mr. Concorde :
This is possibility for sure! I am sure Andrew can elaborate a little on this.

Andrew :
For sure!

Silfaster :
We don’t put Andrew under pear pressure

Andrew :
I’m in! 😉

Mr. Concorde :
Haha i thought you were joking when you said you wouldn’t stop🤪

Andrew :
Yes the gambling center will serve to burn a lot of $PEAR!

Mr. Concorde :
You hear it guys, A LOT😎

Silfaster :
That’s awesome and great for the tokenomics! Thanks for your answer Andrew!

So we all know something big is coming, PearZap wants to launch on the Koala Defi IKO launchpad!

We all know it takes a lot of effort to launch a succesful project and to have a good presale.

Can you give us a small rundown on your marketing plan?

Mr. Concorde :
Yeass, thats right up my alley!
So basically we want to make sure that we aren’t applying for an IKO launch empty handed, so we created a little checklist for ourselves. The checklist will make sure we are building a community of our own which will be able to merge with the koala community.
We will pay for AMAs in AMA groups, have twitter influencers hyping the IKO launch, play tg community contests to buidl moral and announce multiple partnerships, which will kick in straight/soon after launch.
We want to have pools/farms ready soon after launch to incentive investors to HODL.
We will be locking a very large part of the liquidity after launch.

Silfaster :
That’s great!
On top of that let’s tell our community that Koala Defi will have an active role to support PearZap in their marketing if the presale happens!
With the experience we gathered with the IKO $Nalis presale, we will support PearZap where ever possible and/or needed to make the presale a huge succes!
So I have one question left before we will unmute the group and open the chat for questions from our community

Is there something interesting we don’t know and haven’t asked yet about you or your platform?

Mr. Concorde :
hmm i cant disclose too much about this but i trust you guys can keep a secret

Silfaster :
I won’t tell anyone!

Mr. Concorde :
We will be the first ones to follow the moonfuel program from Wault Finance, which has us HYPED beyond measure. But don’t tell anyone🤫

This is all i can say about this for now.

Silfaster :
You’re actually going to the moon? I’m very curious what this means! When will we learn more about it Mr. Concorde ?

Mr. Concorde :
We be fueled by wault, if we do well we will go much deeper into space than just moon

This is something that is in their hands, probably closer to launch date

Andrew :
Mars is also into the program 😉

Silfaster :
So support from a big brother? That sounds awesome, I’m sure we will learn more about it soon enough!

Mr. Concorde :
Major support🤩

Andrew :
Yes Wault is really a BIG brother!

Silfaster :
Thank you so much for your pearfect answers!

Before we open the chat for community questions, I’d like to give a little bit of information on the voting process

Mr. Concorde :
Sure thing!

Silfaster :
Koala Defi will launch polls on both Telegram (@koaladefichat) and Twitter (@koaladefi).

The polls will last for 24 hours and decide if Koala Defi should have the PearZap presale on the IKO launchpad. The result of the polls will be final and will be announced tomorrow after the deadline has passed!

Make your vote count koala friends!
If you have questions, just ask!

The vote will be opened in 30 minutes at 2pm UTC

Are you ready for some questions from our community @concorde_pear ?

Usually we pick 5 questions from our communityI think it’s good to try and answer as many questions as possible this time.

And what do you think, should we give away a $Nalis NFT to the best question today?

Awesome! Leeeeet’s go, the chat will open in 3,2,1

Chat has been opened, ask PearZap anything!
If you have Koala Defi questions related to the PearZap launch we will answer them too.

Of course Koala Defi will share all information about PearZap when available if the community decides we should do the presale!

Question from KoaKoa :
Why Pear ?

Andrew : We wanted a nice fruit and something good for the (w)health after all these things to eat on BSC 😉

Question from J.Marin :
So what marketing strategies has PearZap decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the project?

Mr. Concorde : We have come up with an extensive marketing plan which will be uploaded in our whitepaper soon.
We will market everything according to our roadmap so every cent will be spend in the most optimal way.
We will use influencers (the good ones). From working in previous projects i know which ones are good and which ones are not.
We will advertise on crypto related websites
And the most important is building community with games and contests on twitter and telegram

Question from Sara Y :
Hi, I see there is a whitelist subscription open, I was wondering if the whitelist presale would take place before the IKO?
Also would there be a price difference between whitelist and IKO?

Andrew : Yes, will take place before the IKO and details about the price are coming very soon on our medium

Question from Silfaster :
Who doesn’t like a sweet juicy APR, ermmm I mean Pear?

Andrew : 🤣 Yes juicy APRs and a lot of vitamines are coming!

Question from Zombie Medic88 :
Do you guys have any plans to burn lyptus in your farms for a fee ?

Andrew : Not for now but it’s something to talk with the Koalas! 😉

Question from Yoldaş Crypto :
Nalis IKO sold out within minutes, when and where can we buy if we miss it?

Andrew : $PEAR will be available directly after the launch at market price if you miss the IKO 😉

Question from Hikado Ou :
Open the pearzap just now. Seems u are more to casino token. Do u plan to make a simple casino or a 5star casino, means good graphic appearance?

Andrew : We don’t aim to be a casino token, we want to add casino features for fun and to add more burn into $PEAR tokenomics

Question from J. Marin :
any plans for PearZap to create cross-chain integration between other blockchains?

Mr. Concorde : Yes, we are planning to operate from the bsc soon, later from other blockchains as well.

Most juicy would be our multichain NFT platform

Question from Hikado Ou :
Which dex? Apeswap?

Andrew : Will be Wault first. It’s our first big partner!

Question from Sara Y :
I also saw that you were already in discussions with some polygon DEXs, any further information about this ?

Mr. Concorde : This would be wault😇 we are the first ones following their moon fuel program. More info will follow around launch date

Question from Sara Y :
Last question, why did you choose Koaladefi for your IKO ?

Jeff : Because any project now want to be launched by us! 🥳 😉
Mr. Concorde : Actually me and andrew got the same idea at the same time. I have been invested in koala since the start and andrew knows you guys pretty well also. We really love the developments and transparency koala is putting on the table. Short version: KOALAS ARE AWESOME.

Question from Yoldaş Crypto :
will there be a minimum maximum contribution per wallet ?

Jeff : Yes it will! We’ll come later with details but first Koalas, we need you to vote for that IKO! Get ready to make some noise in few minutes!

Our Koalas can vote here about the $PEAR presale on the IKO launchpad: