Step by step from BSC to Polygon

Are you ready to get started with Koala Defi on the Polygon chain?
In this blog we will describe all the steps necessary to swap your tokens from BSC Nalis to Polygon Nalis, so you can start farming at the launch of Koala Defi Polygon with high APRs!


20th 9AM UTC pre-launch swap for 48 hours.
22nd 9AM UTC end of swap.
22nd 9AM UTC Koala Defi Polygon will get launched and farming on polygon will start.

Step 1: Use the Anyswap bridge to swap your Nalis from BSC to AnySwap on the Polygon chain

Make sure your wallet is connected to the Polygon network

Go to the AnySwap bridge page for Nalis

The Anyswap website will show you the number of Nalis available in your BSC wallet.

Fill in the number of Nalis you want to transfer from the BSC chain to the Polygon chain in the “Deposit” field.
(Keep in mind you will receive 2% less because of the transaction tax of Nalis, taxation will only happen once in the swapping process).

Click the CrossChain Deposit button.

Click the Confirm button to sign on to your wallet.

Accept the contract.

Keep in mind the estimated time of your deposit arrival is 10–30 minutes.
If your transaction is taking longer we’ve included the steps to manually speed up your pending transaction at the end of this blog.

Step 2: Swapping AnySwap Nalis tokens to Koala Defi Nalis Polygon tokens

Make sure you’re still connected to the Polygon chain in your wallet and go to:

Click the ‘Unlock Wallet” button.

Click the “Join in” button and specify the number of AnySwap Nalis tokens you want to swap for Koala Defi Nalis Polygon tokens.

Confirm the swap in your wallet.

After the swap has ended on Sunday 22nd of August at 9AM UTC a claim button will appear. Click the button to claim your Polygon Nalis and you’re ready to start earning on Koala Defi Polygon.

Speed up your AnySwap transaction

If your swapped tokens do not appear in your wallet in 30 minutes, you can manually check and speed up the pending transaction in a couple of easy steps.

  • Go to
  • Look up the Tx Hash of the Nalis transaction in using your wallet address.
  • Fill in the on the website.
  • Choose “” for Token.
  • From Chain is
  • To Chain is
  • Click “Send”.

After having send the web form it usually takes 5–15 minutes for your pending transaction to succeed.

Keep an eye out for announcements and new blogs about the Koala Defi Polygon cross chain integration and follow Koala Defi.

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High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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