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2 min readJul 18, 2021


Presale details 🚀

The IKO launchpad presale of $PEAR token on the Polygon chain will start on the 19th July at 9am UTC and is first come, first serve (FCFS)with a maximum duration of 24 hours. $PEAR token is developed by PearZap.

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Token price and numbers

There will be a total of 160.000 $PEAR tokens for sale for $0,50 USDC each, $80.000 in total. The market opening price will be $0,63 (25% higher than the presale price).

The minimum contribution required for the presale is $50 USDC, the maximum contribution for the presale is $1000 USDC.

PearZap will use the presale funds for liquidity funding, development and marketing. ⚡️

There is a contribution fee of 5%. The contribution fee will be used to buy back and eat (burn) $lyptus on the BSC chain.

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Get your wallet ready

To participate in the PearZap IKO launc hpad presale your wallet needs to be ready for the Polygon chain. ⚙️

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Load your wallet with USDC and bridge it to the Polygon chain

To participate in the presale you will need $Matic and USDC in your wallet on the Polygon chain. 💰

Learn how to buy USDC and get $Matic on the Polygon chain in our “How to bridge your tokens from BSC to Polygon” blog. 📜

Join the IKO presale 🚀

With your wallet loaded up with USDC and some $Matic your are ready to participate in the $PEAR presale.
The presale will open on the 19th of July at 9am UTC. ⏰

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Claim your tokens

The $PEAR IKO launchpad presale will end on the 20th of July at 9am UTC.
You will be able to claim your $PEAR tokens in the Koala Defi IKO launchpad. Make sure you’re connected to the Polygon chain to claim your $PEAR tokens. After you have claimed your tokens on the they will get sent to your wallet.



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