How to bridge your tokens from BSC to Polygon

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3 min readJul 17, 2021


For the presale, you will need USDC on the Polygon chain to participate. To get you ready for the $PEAR presale, we have made a video to show you how to bridge (swap) your tokens from your BSC wallet to a Polygon wallet.

The Matic faucet

First let’s get some MATIC in our wallet for Polygon transactions. offers a great faucet that will gift you a little bit of Matic to get started (free!) on the Polygon chain. You will need some Matic in your wallet for the IKO transaction fee.

All you have to do is connect your wallet to the website. solve the captcha and click receive, you should receive some Matic within a couple of minutes.

Buying USDC on Koala Defi on the BSC chain

In order to get USDC in your Polygon wallet, you will have to go to the Koala Defi swap and swap some tokens, BNB in this example, for USDC.
Make sure you are connected to the BSC chain to swap tokens from your BSC wallet.

Unlock your wallet, choose the tokens you want to swap and press the swap button. You have now swapped your tokens for USDC on the BSC chain.

You will need at least ~51 USDC to swap them to your Polygon wallet using the evo defi dapp (next step).

Bridging your USDC from your BSC wallet to your Polygon wallet

Once you’ve swapped your tokens for USDC it’s time to bridge them from the BSC chain to the Polygon chain. This means the tokens will be sent from your BSC wallet to your Polygon wallet.

(Beware, Evo Defi charges a fee of 0,5%. so make sure you swap some extra USDC to get to the minimum contribution of $50 USDC)

Connect your wallet to the website and make sure you’re bridging from BSC to Polygon. Choose the amount of USDC you want to sent to your Polygon wallet and press the SEND button. You’re all done!

If you are having trouble with you can also use

If you want to check your transaction, you can use the blockchain explorer.

We advice you to get some extra Matic now you’re all set to cover future transaction costs. The transactions are very cheap.

USDC contract address: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174

Timeline 📅

We will post a series of blogs about PearZap, Polygon and the Koala Defi IKO launchpad to provide you with all the information you need!

Sunday the 18th of July we will have a final $PEAR presale AMA before the #KoalaBingo (special $PEAR edition!). The AMA will start at 3:30pm UTC and both teams will be available for all your questions regarding the AMA.

For more information about PearZap and Polygon please read our previous blogs “Let’s talk about Polygon, PearZap and the IKO launchpad” and “Let’s talk $PEAR numbers” or find all information including the roadmap on

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