Presale & IKO Launchpad AMA with Jeff

Today, a little before our #KoalaBingo to celebrate the IKO of and the long-awaited release of KoalaDefi V2, an AMA was held in our telegram:

Koala Defi founder Jeff was there to answer ALL questions our community had.

At KoalaDefi we like to be transparent and although we have had several AMAs in the past, including the one with Jeff that you can find here, we wanted to be sure that no doubts remained in the minds of our community before the presale of $Nalis.
May all questions, fears and doubts be swept aside to leave room for excitement for our IKO!

Do we need to withdraw the , which are in the pool before the v2 opens?
So like this order?
Withdraw from pool into our wallet → V1 closes → v2 opens → put it in the new / pool.
Or does the withdrawal thing happen automatically?

Jeff :
Withdrawal is not automatic.
For security reasons, only you can withdraw your assets!
No need to withdraw before the V2, you can do it after the launch, reward will decrease for 3 days before going to 0.

I see so many pool and farm earn , it can will release, price can dump, so you have been solution for it?

Silfaster :
Hi Vuong, why do you think the price will dump?
Farming will have a reward lockup.

What is the benefit of holding for longterm?

Silfaster :
Depends on the token you’re talking about.

will become deflationary soon after the launch of Koala Defi Version 2, so it will become more scarce over time and will always have an important role within the ecosystem.

We can make any promises about the future prices of our tokens. The only thing we can say is that we’re working hard and build new things to make them growing in the future!

About tokenomic nalis :
1. i wanna ask about emission is reduced automatic or manually?
2. Harvest lock up is for how long?
3. About the vaults, how to secure the vaults? Because there so many vaults got exploit.

Jeff :
Emission is reduced manually.

2. There’s 2 types of harvest lockup :

  • the one on the farms and pools, which is some hours, will be defined for each one.
  • the launch harvest lockup : half the earned are locked up for 15 days starting at the launch.

3. Vaults are coming later and we will make them following robust standards and pushing them in production only after a serious security audit.

After V2 launch how about farm status - or ?
Cannot see them on medium .

Silfaster :
The - farm will be no longer with us in V2, it was a special promotion from ApeSwap for token, since there will be no more to earn, the farm will close.

Will there be a / farm 😋?

Jeff :
No. We stop pairs because this cause to much arbitrage bots on and our ApeSwap friends don’t like this for a good reason.

You can find more information about the fact that having multiple pairs is not a good thing :

I see the voting has ended.
2% is the tax for every transaction on .
So every sell and every buy will have this tax and gets immediately burned?

Jeff :

Can we stake token to earn in V2 ?

Jeff :
No, we will start with less farms and pools to keep good rewards on farms and pools inside V2.

What makes S attract investors to buy?
What are the advantages of over ?

Silfaster :
Modern tokenomics!

You can look at as an more modern smart contract with loads of possibilities.

Jeff :
have more core features and high burn mechanisms while will be fully deflationary.
One is not better than the other, they have both their advantages!

I have a stack of do i still need ?

Silfaster :
That’s completely up to you!
Everybody has their own investment strategies. Both and have great tokenomics and a big role in the Koala Defi ecosystem.

Jeff :
If you have some , you can make them work for you into V2 within the pool to earn

But tomorrow is the presale, when can we collect and can we directly stake this?

Silfaster :
Directly after the presale ends, you have one hour to claim them before Koala Defi Version 2 will launch.

Before launch v2 the tokenomic and contract already audit?
From certik ?

Jeff :
Security audit in progress with Techrate and we should have the report ready before the launch.

And how about certik? Or just Techrate?

Silfaster :
Certik currently takes a very long time.
Techrate was able to do the audits before the launch.
But everything will be 100% transparant as you’re used to from us, everybody can check the contracts.

Jeff :
For now, only Techrate because Certik is too slow.

Do we have future marketing plan to bring more people join us after V2 launch ?

Silfaster :
We have a bigger budget allocated to marketing in the presale
currently we’re working with a couple of YT influencers, news on big BSC news outlets and more.
Besides that there will be more focus on partnerships to bring in new investors.

End of the AMA.

⏰ The presale of $Nalis will happen Monday the 5th of July at 7AM UTC and will last 24 hours. After the 24 hours hours have passed, you can claim your $Nalis tokens and you will be able to stake your $Nalis tokens on our brand new V2 !

In case you missed one of our previous important presale blogs:

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We are very excited for the launch of version 2 and hope you are too!


Together with you, our loyal investors, we are going to take the platform to the next level and become the most secure and most innovative defi platform around!

For more information about the presale of $Nalis and IKO launchpad please follow us on medium and be on the lookout for tomorrows blog!



High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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