Weekly Update 28th June to 4th of July

Here’s the weekly update from koaladefi.finance

Hello Koalas!

What a week we had!
Hopefully it was as exciting for you as it was for us! 🔥🔥

The Weekly Update is a great excuse to review everything that has happened this past week!

Let’s start, shall we ?

Last week started with an announcement that we all looked forward to sharing with you …

The presentation of our IKO! 📺

We were really looking forward to be able to share this secret so well kept by our Team with you.

We were in discussions with several launchpad partners and after some considerations and after seeing how the market was evolving, we wanted to keep our community as safe as possible.

Our devs having done an incredible job on our IKO launchpad, it was time for us to reveal it to you. 🚀🚀

Of course after the presentation of the IKO, the next logical step was to talk about our highly anticipated $Nalis and it’s presale.

As you already know, we are lucky to have devs of rare ingenuity among us.

Our IKO was not going to be a “simple” launchpad, it was going to be better, more secure and it was going to bring us an IKO never seen before.

The IKO had two options!

Option A: Buy $Nalis with BUSD only and pay 10% fees that would be used to redeem at the end of the IKO Lyptus at market price and eat (burn) them

Option B: Buy $Nalis with BUSD and pay 5% fees that would be eat (burn) right away.

We were careful to give as much detail as possible to keep transparency with our community as always on what was going to happen.

How-to contribute to our IKO

Knowing that we have friends speaking other languages, we made the choice to transcribe the steps of the IKO in French and Spanish :

How-to contribute
Comment contribuer
Cómo contribuir

Then we launched our 1st Community Vote!📜

This vote concerned a very important subject for KoalaDefi and for $Nalis:
the transfer tax.

As $Nalis does not have a hard cap, it is important for us to be able to maintain a way to manage the inflation of $Nalis. The tax transfer is one of the mechanisms to do this.

After 3 days of voting, and despite very tight results, the result of our community was:
the $Nalis will have a 2% tax transfer

We were also able to have the pleasure of welcoming a new partner:

MozartFinance! ❤️

We did an AMA with Mozart Kugel to get to know them better.
You can read the transcript here.

We answered several questions regarding the transition from V1 to V2 on our TG group. 📖

We wanted to be able to answer any questions and doubts that may remain.

So we did a detailed article to explain how this was going to happen.

And of course, with the big day arriving very soon and wanting to be sure that nobody had any doubt or questions left regarding this very important step for KoalaDefi, we organized, just before our last #koalaBingo V1 an AMA with founderJeff in order to absolutely clarify everything the community wanted to know.

You can read the transcript here. 📖

This long awaited week has been full of information, excitement and preparation.

All this to bring us to the BIG DAY for KoalaDefi … but to find out more, you will have to read the next Weekly Update!

In the meantime, we are extremely proud of our community, the support and the strength it gives us.

We have the kindest, most caring and strong community. 💪

See you next week !

In the meantime, chew some $Lyptus and stay safe!




High yields BSC farm brought by the Koalas

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